Photography by Elizabeth Covintree

Arthur Elgort

Fashion Photographer

| SoHo

If Wintour be the Queen of Vogue, then, indubitably, Elgort is its White Knight. The legendary photographer has been behind the camera for over five decades, in which everyone from Linda Evangelista and Christy Turlington to Kate Moss to Karlie Kloss and Caroline Trentini have found themselves in front of his lens. His inimitable work colors the pages of the fashion bible each and every season, not to mention he’s a regular contributor to other top glossies like ELLE, Vogue UK and Rolling Stone. It’s Elgort’s contribution to the industry as a whole that means most though: with a penchant for capturing lightness and movement, the New York-raised photographer was the first to abandon the stiffly posed status quo, single-handedly changing the face of the industry forever. From a young Kate Moss petting an elephant to a Tweed-clad Stella Tennant diving head first into a swimming pool, Elgort’s images leave a lasting impression. Here, he sits down with CITIPHILE to reveal his little black book on NYC.


COFFEE OR TEA: Tea at my studio. I order Betty’s tea from London because it’s the best.

ALL-TIME FAVORITE RESTAURANT: I’d have to say Aurora in Williamsburg (MAP IT, x).

COCKTAIL DE LA NUIT: A glass of good red wine, usually Malbec, though I also like Peppoli (a Chianti). I’ll have a glass in the downstairs lounge of my studio; I don’t frequent very many bars.

AFTER-WORK HAPPY HOUR: As I said, I don’t go to bars often, but I have gone to The Crosby Bar (MAP ITx) once or twice and it is very nice. I’d rather sit down with friends and family at my studio with some wine, then go to the Philharmonic (MAP IT, x).

BUSINESS LUNCH: Balthazar— it’s always good.

MUSIC PICK: I like jazz and classical music. I’m always buying new CDs to listen to at home. (Yes, I still buy CDs!)

WHERE TO BRING OUT-OF-TOWNERS: Central Park at 90th Street. It’s very exciting!

BEST BRUNCH: I don’t do brunch, but for lunch, I love the BG Restaurant at Bergdorf Goodman (MAP IT, BOOK IT, x).

HEALTHY STAPLE: Well, I don’t know about quick and healthy, but I love a pastrami sandwich for lunch from Katz’s Deli (MAP IT, x). I wish that Veselka (MAP IT, x) delivered to my studio— that’s my dream.

GUILTY PLEASURE: I love Graeter’s ice creams— the chocolate chip or coffee are my favorites!

NY’S BEST-KEPT SECRET: It’s a secret so I can’t tell you…


REGULAR AT: Tate’s Bake Shop in Southampton (MAP IT, x); they make the best cappuccinos.

DELIVERY GO-TO: My wife always orders Peruvian from Pio Pio on 94th Street and Amsterdam (MAP IT, ORDER IT, x).

DREAM SHOOT LOCATION: NYC is a great backdrop in and of itself so my dream location would just be out of the studio and in the streets.

TO GET INSPIRED: I’m always shooting; I always have my camera. I’m inspired every time I press the shutter.

TO BE ANONYMOUS: It’s easy to be anonymous in the city— just go outside and be quiet.

CLOSET CHECK: Well, I really like to wear Adidas track pants— red or black— and Vans slip-ons, usually with an Hermès scarf around my neck. Odin on Lafayette Street (MAP IT, x) is a very nice place to shop.

BEST HOST/HOSTESS GIFTS: A piece from my personal collection of photos.

ULTIMATE NY MOMENT: Everyday spent on the subway feels like a real “NY” moment. CP

Arthur’s New York

From L to R: First Row: Balthazar bread; Inside Aurora’s back garden; Graeter’s ice cream; Betty’s tea. Second Row: Hermès scarves; Tate’s chocolate chip cookies; The Crosby Hotel; Elgort with his son, Ansel.


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