Photography by Phil Oh

Mary Kate Steinmiller

Senior Market Editor, Teen Vogue

| Brooklyn Heights

You know the girl walking down the street in a boyish sweatshirt and body-hugging pencil skirt? The one who looks so implausibly cool that you vow right then and there to start taking more style risks of your own? That’s Steinmiller. She’s the stuff of style blog fodder— teetering in a party skirt and latest Prada platforms, all the while rocking a worn-in baseball cap so it’s easy to see why she’s the regular subject of street style photographers like Garance Doré, Scott Schuman and Phil Oh. As the Senior Market Editor of Teen VOGUE, she could also be the poster child for superlative interns— she started interning in the mag’s fashion closet nearly 10 years ago and has been with TV ever since. A master print-mixer, skirt fanatic and true girl-next-door— we couldn’t imagine her anywhere else. Here, Steinmiller sits down with CITIPHILE to reveal her little black book on NYC.

NEIGHBORHOOD STANDBY: Noodle Pudding (MAP IT, x). It has the most cozy atmosphere that it feels like dining with your family at home. They serve simple, delicious Italian food year-round. You rarely hear anyone say “order the broccoli,” but at Noodle Pudding, order the broccoli.

COFFEE OR TEA: Tea! The a vanilla tea at SoHo House (MAP IT, x) is perfection. Sometimes they’re out of it so it’s a gamble, but I try to get it whenever I’m there.

ALL-TIME FAVORITE RESTAURANT: Pastis, which unfortunately shut its doors this year. I had so many special meals there: graduation dinner, birthday dinners, pre-work breakfasts with my dad and a Thanksgiving dinner that didn’t include turkey. Luckily its big sister, Balthazar (MAP IT, BOOK IT, x) is still open and you can order a Niçoise salad that’s just as good.

COCKTAIL DE LA NUIT: I don’t drink so any bartender that can make a sparkling water with a splash of cranberry juice and a lime is fine with me. However, John at Walker’s in Tribeca (MAP IT, x) always manages to get it just right. I think he gets everyone’s special drink just right as the bar is always filled with regulars.

GIRLS NIGHT OUT: Any friend of mine is cool to hang in the Club Room at SoHo House with a game of Scrabble. I’ve had some super intense games there with some of my best friends.

MUSIC PICK: Bemelmans at The Carlyle (MAP IT, x) is my favorite place to sit and listen to music. Whether you like jazz or not (I don’t listen to it in my free time), the pianist or the trio that performs is always entertaining. The atmosphere has the perfect New York City buzz and never feels too trendy or dated. It’s just right.

BEST BRUNCH: Cookshop (MAP IT, BOOK IT, x). Banana bread and a fruit salad… Perfect.

BEST PEOPLE WATCHING: Brooklyn Bridge Park (MAP IT, x) around 9-11 pm at night. Nothing has the energy like the pick-up games on the basketball courts. I love watching the games and the people enjoying every aspect of the beautiful park. After the courts, hit the roller rink for some of the best roller dancers and amateur skaters you will ever see. The minute the weather gets cold, I’ll be so sad to leave my nightly walks to the park behind.

HEALTHY STAPLE: Whole Foods for what I call “Choose your Own Adventure,” which basically means an abundance of snacks that probably don’t end up being so healthy in the end.

GUILTY PLEASURE: All it takes for me is a vanilla ice cream cone with rainbow sprinkles, which really should be called rainbow sprinkles with a side of vanilla ice cream because that’s the ratio I prefer. Any ice cream truck will do.

NY’S BEST-KEPT SECRET: I don’t think NYC keeps any secrets these days! However, my personal secret isn’t a bar or restaurant or boutique, its NY Cake Supply (MAP IT, x). I’m an avid cookie baker, and the sprinkle selection (see question above, ahem) is brilliant. I’m always in there “curating” the perfect sprinkle mix for my cookies. The giant vats of frosting are pretty appealing too.

FIRST THING I MISS WHEN I’M AWAY: Walking! I could walk forever in the city on a nice day or night.

REGULAR AT: My sweet tooth takes me to Sockerbit (MAP IT, x) quite often. That Swedish candy store has the most unique and delicious candy. It’s perfect for gifts, parties or your personal stash. I recommend the Skumbananer, a marshmallow banana.  I’ve been known to have a candy mix messengered to my office once in a while when the craving really kicks…

DELIVERY GO-TO: Clark’s in Brooklyn Heights (MAP IT, x). It is the best neighborhood diner. It’s just as charming to eat-in, but delivery is always so quick. Whatever you have a taste for, they have it.

CLOSET CHECK: I would say my personal style is a mix of feminine, street and classic if that makes sense! My tastes change— I used to be very into mixing colors and prints, but now I’m more focused on a neutral wardrobe of white, black and grey. I love super feminine dresses, especially lace, but I love to wear them with sneakers. My new addiction is Abercrombie and Fitch. There is nothing better than the brand’s basics: crew neck sweatshirts, t-shirts and denim. I especially like to buy smalls from the men’s department. For a more special NYC experience, I love Geminola in the West Village (*Location now closed)—  it’s like a fairytale. The owner, Lorraine Kirke reworks vintage dresses into the most enchanting, one-of-a-kind pieces.  One of my favorite pieces in my closet is a Prada dress that was actually a hand-me-down! I think only in NYC (and only in the fashion industry) would someone hand down a Prada dress. I was only so lucky! It’s a black shirt dress with a neutral floral print that I know I will have and wear forever. For fall, there are two Prada bags I have my eyes on: a black fringe bucket bag and a nylon camoflauge backpack. I think Prada nylon bags are making a comeback—  they are really quite practical!

ACCESSORIES PICK: I try to treat myself to a bag each season, or once a year at the very least. I’m dedicated to shoes from Prada and Miu Miu and each sale season (July and December), I stock up on heels. I’m also addicted to Maria Tash jewelry (MAP IT, x), and find that whenever I’m “bored,” I get a new piercing at her shop. Her delicate fine jewelry makes piercings posh, not punk.

BEST HOST/HOSTESS GIFTS: Petal by Pedal (x). It’s a floral delivery service that delivers locally-sourced flowers by bicycle. Sending an arrangement to the hostess prior to her event is a charming treat.

BEAUTY BLACK BOOK: Rachel Bodt (x) at Culter  in SoHo (MAP IT, x) keeps me blonde (and sometimes pastel pink).

FIT PICK: I start every day with a workout at Eastern Athletic Club (MAP IT, x). I’m not a class or group workout girl. I’m very independent and very dedicated. The average age at the door when the gym opens at 6 am is about 65, but I wouldn’t have it any other way.

ULTIMATE NY MOMENT: I think getting photographed by Bill Cunningham is the ultimate NY moment. Everyone knows and loves his New York Times column and once you get snapped, it’s the best feeling. You never know if that film will see the light of day, but you know that out of all the people on the streets of NYC, somehow you caught Bill’s eye. CP

Mary-Kate’s New York

From L to R: First Row: Jewelry by Maria Tash; Sockerbit candy; Inside Walker’s Tribeca; SoHo House. Second Row: Hair by Rachel Bodt; Steinmiller at NYFW; Pedal by Petal arrangement; Winter fruit at Cookshop.


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