Photography by Adam Cantor

Alexa Adams and Flora Gill

Designers, Ohne Titel

| Brooklyn

Let’s just say Ohne Titel’s Alexa Adams and Flora Gill are women of discerning taste: from their legendary fashion mentor (Monsieur Karl Lagerfeld) down to the only woman Adams trusts with her fiery red locks (hint: she’s Florence Welch’s go-to gal), the pair seeks out the best of the best. In fashion that translates to Parsons diplomas, past apprenticeships at Helmut Lang, Vivienne Tam and Lagerfeld, and now, their own street-chic, contemporary women’s wear line. Heavy on intricate knits, bold colors and feminine silhouettes, we’ve been fans of theirs since the first collection. Extracurricularly, it means the girls had a thing or two to teach us about Tokyo-quality udon, wheatgrass martinis and vegan BLTs, all of which only made us question why we hadn’t sat them down sooner. Here, Adams and Gill sit down with CITIPHILE to reveal their little black book on NYC.

NEIGHBORHOOD STANDBY: AA: We love going out to The NoMad (MAP IT, x) for lunch or dinner. Their menu is seasonal, but I often order the roasted duck with pickled plums, chanterelles and kale.
FG: Agreed, all of their items manage to combine rich flavors with super fresh preparations!

COFFEE OR TEA: AA: Tea at ViVi Bubble Tea (MAP IT, x); I love drinking something sweet.
FG: On a hot day, I love an iced coffee with coffee ice cubes from A Little Taste Café (MAP IT, x). Walking around nearby, the flowers and trees of the flower district feel like a little escape.

ALL-TIME FAVORITE RESTAURANT: AA: I keep coming back to Samurai Mama in Williamsburg (MAP IT, x). Their udon is my favorite outside of Tokyo and I love the cozy atmosphere.
FG: Juventino in Park Slope (*Location now closed) is deceptively classic. Their simple French omelet is transcendent— they put mint in the mixed greens.

COCKTAIL DE LA NUIT: AA: A Ginger Poire (Grey Goose Le Poire, St. Germain, ginger and lime) at Gaonnuri (MAP IT, BOOK IT, x) while enjoying the view; the restaurant is on the 39th floor with a 360-degree view of the NYC skyline.
FG: I love the Bloody Mary at Diner in Williamsburg (MAP IT, x). Their bartender Arley Marks is a cocktail artist and he has a way with unusual ingredients… have you ever tried a wheatgrass martini?

AFTER-WORK HAPPY HOUR: AA: The rooftop bar of Hotel Americano (MAP IT, x). It’s low-key and the couches are great for a group.
FG: A few blocks away from us is Wa Bar and Kitchen (MAP IT, x) which has a happy hour special of $1 oysters. I love to go there with friends after work.

LADIES LUNCH: AA: We like going out for a mid-afternoon dessert at La Maison Du Macaron (MAP IT, x). We’ve been known to take over a table and sample the pastries and chocolates.
FG: Bergdorf Goodman (MAP IT, BOOK IT, x) has amazing views of Central Park and delicious salads.

MUSIC PICK: AA: I love listening to soundtracks and minimal electronic music. One of my favorite places to hear my friends deejay is Cafe Dancer (*Location now closed). It’s an intimate bar where you are always going to hear something new and different.
FG: I recently saw the Growlers play at Baby’s All Right in Brooklyn (MAP IT, x). And next weekend, I’m seeing a classical pipe-organ concert in a church.

BEST BRUNCH: AA: The Fat Radish (MAP IT, BOOK IT, x) has amazing food and the glass ceiling makes even the coldest winter day feel tolerable.
FG: Lighthouse (MAP IT, BOOK IT, x) has amazing burgers and salads, and in the summer, they serve grilled melon!

FG: The lobby of The Mercer Hotel (MAP IT, x).

HEALTHY STAPLE: AA: Blossom (MAP IT, BOOK IT, x)’s tofu BLT.
FG: Sweetgreen (MAP IT, x) for the spicy Sabzi salad (spinach, kale, quinoa, spicy broccoli, beets, carrots, sprouts, basil, roasted organic tofu, sriracha and carrot chili vinaigrette).

GUILTY PLEASURE: AA: Doughnut Plant (MAP IT, x) under the Chelsea Hotel; I love the coconut cream donut.
FG: The Chocolate Room (MAP IT, x) has the most amazing bruléed banana split.

NY’S BEST-KEPT SECRET: AA: My new find is The Lodge (MAP IT). It’s a log cabin rooftop pop-up bar within the McKittrick Hotel‘s Gallow Green. Sit in the small study with a mulled wine.
FG: The Met (MAP IT, x) is open late on Saturdays; I go then to escape the crowds.

FIRST THING I MISS WHEN I’M AWAY: AA: The frenetic energy of the city.
FG: The fact that everything is so close; you can do so much in one day.

REGULAR AT: AA: I love going to Printed Matter on 10th Avenue (MAP IT, x) once every month or two. They always have some completely unique magazine or book that we can use as inspiration.
FG: Bar Toto in Park Slope (MAP IT, x) has great Italian fare (order the Caprese if they have it— it basil sprouts!). Sometimes, they’ll play a Fellini movie in the background.

DATE NIGHT STANDBY: AA: I recently discovered Dieci (*Location now closed), this intimate Japanese-Italian fusion restaurant. The food is delicious and it only seats 20.
FG: The Modern (x) is the downstairs restaurant at the MoMA (MAP IT, BOOK IT, x); the entrance is right by where they screen movies. It is the best kind of dinner-and-a-movie date.

TO GET INSPIRED: AA: I love visiting the galleries in Chelsea; Gagosian (MAP IT, x) usually has a bold and exciting show on.
FG: The streets of NYC are filled with so much creativity and vitality— I take inspiration from who I see out.

TO SEE AND BE SEEN: FG: It’s a classic, but Indochine (MAP IT, BOOK IT, x). There is always someone amazing sitting at the next table.

TO RELAX AND UNWIND: AA: I recently went to the Aspire Center for Health and Wellness (MAP IT, x) to try out a sensory deprivation tank.
FG: Spa Castle in Queens (MAP IT, x) is so much fun with a group of friends.

CLOSET CHECK: AA: I wear architectural shapes in a dark palette. I love going to Bergdorf Goodman. It’s a true New York shopping experience.
FG: I love athletic details and strong textures. I actually shop the most when I’m out of town.

BEST HOME DÉCOR: AA: I love mixing eclectic and personal pieces that reflect my past travels. Paula Rubenstein (MAP IT, x) is a great shop with antique textiles and industrial furniture.
FG: My apartment is filled with books and sculpture. My parents are artists so I have a lot of sculptural pots. Also, my husband makes spacesuit gloves and robotics; I like to display his various experiments and handiwork.

BEST HOST/HOSTESS GIFTS: AA: I love giving scents as gifts. Aedes de Venustas (MAP IT, x) has an amazing and curated selection.
FG: Dashwood Books (MAP IT, x). They have a selection of limited edition artists’ books that always inspire.

BEAUTY BLACK BOOK: AA: Mischa Gobie (x) from Bumble and Bumble (MAP IT, x) gives wonderful haircuts.
FG: Sakura Nail & Spa (MAP IT, x) does really chic nail art that lasts.

FIT PICK: AA: I love kayaking at The Downtown Boathouse (MAP IT, x) when the weather improves.
FG: I like to mix it up. Last weekend for a lark, I tried Doonya Bollywood (MAP IT, x) for a dance class with a friend and it was really fun.

ULTIMATE NY MOMENT: AA: One day I was on the subway and stepped into a train where a full-on performance art dinner was happening. Thirty people had set up a table and were eating in full evening dress.
FG: Riding the subway with Susan Sarandon. CP

Alexa & Flora’s New York

From L to R: First Row: The NoMad; Work at Gagosian; Bar Toto; The Fat Radish. Second Row: Baby’s All Right; Journal from Printed Matter; Home décor at Paula Rubenstein; Design by Sakura Nail & Spa.


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