It may be frigid as of late, but just last week, amidst pineapples, potted palms and pitchers of margaritas, a group of fashion friends sat down to toast the first inklings of spring. It was, of course, the second iteration of CITIPHILE Supper Club— this time around, co-hosted by model/chef’s wife/CP vet Britt Maren at the Lower East Side’s The Lucky Bee. Venturing out for a taste of chef Matthew “Matty” Bennett’s Southeast Asian fare, Teen Vogue‘s Andrew Bevan, women’s wear designer Katie Ermilio and La Marque’s Valerie Boster joined others including street style photographer Phil Oh and designer Sandy Laing. Sipping on white wine and pitchers spicy margaritas (a libation standby for the venue), guests enjoyed a family-style meal beginning with tuna tartare, papaya salad and steamed pork and sesame dumplings. What’s surprising about the restaurant, though, isn’t its Thai bend (a rather popular cuisine for the neighborhood), but rather the way in which Bennett approaches it: with a locavore, farm-to-table lens. Out from the four month-old kitchen comes plates of local oysters topped with nahm jim chili, smashed cucumbers with pickles and peanuts and bowls of fresh market vegetables swimming in the creamiest of green curries. It’s simultaneously a nod to the chef’s pedigree (he was previously at neighboring hotspot, The Fat Radish) and a wink to food’s future: a culinary landscape where creativity overwrites recipes and rules. Besides the aforementioned green curry (the overall favorite dish at the party), entrées included various curry bowls: red with king prawns and roasted bell pepper, coconut with chicken, and spiced mussaman with lamb, potatoes and pineapple vinegar; each tasting more exotic than the last. As far as drinks go, The Lucky Bee maintains its community angle here too— partnering with The New York Beekeepers Association, the restaurant’s drinks are sweetened with local New York honey (plus part of the bar’s proceeds actually get donated to the keepers!). Part-kitschy, part-posh, The Lucky Bee’s animated décor only adds to its appeal— the center bar is striped black-and-white, the walls and tables dipped in pink and palm leaves and plants hang from above. It’s the sort of place that instantly makes you feel happier for having just stepped inside. Good vibes, good food, good times, the only thing you’ll be left wondering is how soon you can make it back.


Andrew Bevan; Katie Ermilio; Valerie Boster.


Sandy Laing; Phil Oh; Laura Stoloff.


Pink is at the forefront of The Lucky Bee’s kitschy-cool décor.


Pitchers of spicy margaritas made with local NY honey and chilis.


Guests were all smiles and laughs.




The brightly colored floral arrangements by Quenna Sanchez echoed the food’s bold flavors and playful plating.


Andrew Bevan with co-host Britt Maren.


Social shots for CITIPHILE #Social.


Plates included a green papaya salad and pork and sesame dumplings.


Chef Matty Bennett spoke to guests about his inspiration behind the menu and what drives The Lucky Bee.


*Special thanks to Quenna Sanchez for the floral arrangements, Katelyn Landis for photography and Eric Isaac for videography.

The Lucky Bee, 252 Broome Street; 917.262.0329; (MAP IT, BOOK IT) CP


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