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We imagine when your mom is an Academy Award-nominated actress, you can feel as if you have some very big shoes to fill— but not Eleanor Lambert. At just 24 years old, the daughter of Hollywood’s Diane Lane and French actor Christopher Lambert has already accomplished more than, well, we ever have… Simultaneously juggling careers in modeling, journalism and film, Lambert has colored the pages of Numero Tokyo with her trademark vintage elegance (a captivating trait which, BTW, reaches far beyond her years); she’s made good on her NYU journalism degree covering topics from music to politics to social justice for culture shifters like Vice and TeenVogue (FYI, that includes pieces on the Women’s Marches in D.C. and NYC); and last year, she even “checked off” working alongside her mother, Lane, when the two starred in the charming Paris Can Wait. Now living in the Lower East Side, she’s recently picked up a day job at a docu production company dedicated to issues of social importance too. Though it’s hard to imagine Lambert with any down time at all, we found her off-duty self to be just the same: coolly charismatic, unfiltered, grounded and aware. Here, she sits down with CITIPHILE to reveal her little black book on NYC.

NEIGHBORHOOD STANDBY: Remedy Diner on Houston (MAP IT, x). I spent years hunting for NYC’s best diner and Remedy  is without a doubt my favorite [one] in the city. The menu is outrageous and the portion sizes, even more so. I am also a chipotle aioli fiend— actually all sauces really— and damn, do they have a good one. Tompkins Square Bagels (MAP IT, x) is another standby for me; I can’t have dairy and their tofu cream cheese is where it’s at. My main spot, though, is Coppelia (MAP ITx), a fire little Cuban/Peruvian restaurant that’s open 24-hours and delivers until 2 am so you can’t really go wrong there… Their drinks are all delicious too— I recommend the Gran Paloma (it’s the only tequila drink I can stomach). I’ve spent every birthday I’ve had since moving to the city at Coppelia!

COFFEE OR TEA: I would say tea through and through, but now that I have a steadier job, I tend to drink coffee more frequently (though I know nothing about it). The best tea to make at home is PG Tips; I love an Earl Grey. The best coffee is whatever my roommate has in her coffee machine— I truly know nothing. Whatever the drink is, I tend to like it simple: maybe with some almond or soy milk and way, way too much stevia.

ALL-TIME FAVORITE RESTAURANT: My all-time favorite restaurant is in Barcelona: Cerveceria Catalana on Calle Mallorca (MAP IT). My best friend and roommate and I found it when we were 15 years old; back then, it was a tiny hole in the wall— I mean, it had maybe 10 tables total. Now, they have lines around the block, which can be annoying, but we made friends with Beydy (at the front desk) way back when so she always hooks us up whenever we’re back there. Try the pimientos con atun (tuna-stuffed peppers), the patatas bravas, the tuna salad pasta and this cheese-and-pineapple tapa that is so delicious, I would order seven at a time, multiple times… it’s insane. 

COCKTAIL DE LA NUIT: A gin and soda, boring as that is. Sometimes I’ll do a vodka soda, but honestly I prefer the simplicity of it. A cute place [for a drink] is The Flower Shop (MAP ITx). It’s gotten pretty popular since its opening, but they have delicious food and downstairs is set up really well for kicking back with a bigger group of friends. Also, they have a pool table— I mean, hello!

AFTER-WORK HAPPY HOUR: In all honesty, I am a bottle-of-wine-at-home kind of girl for the most part. I am beat after work so I stop at my neighborhood liquor store— which is actually my favorite liquor store because it has great prices and a great selection— called Ocean Wine & Spirits on Grand St (MAP IT, x). They always have specials on some really good-quality rosé which is my favorite drink ever (yes, year-round).

GIRLS NIGHT OUT: Beauty & Essex (MAP ITBOOK ITx) has a ridiculous menu, but it can be kind of loud and wild (not to mention, pricey). If you’re looking for a fancy, somewhat gaudy meal or a boozy weekend brunch though, it can be fun. I also love this spot called Siggy’s (MAP ITx). It’s a health food spot and bit more low-key, but it’s a favorite for a cute little meal with the homies.

WHERE TO BRING-OUT-OF-TOWNERS: My apartment— first and foremost. It’s my home and though I imagine most people would say this, I really get attached to where I live; I nest. I’d also have to take them to Melt Bakery (MAP IT, x)— I have developed a next level addiction to this ice cream sandwich place and I try to take everyone I know there. I’ve actually made friends with some of the folks over at Melt and we DM about new flavors coming out… it’s totally normal. Another stop would have to be the whispering walls of Grand Central; I’m always surprised by who knows about this and who doesn’t (I’ve talked to tourists who’ve known about it, as well as lifelong New Yorkers who eyeball my mom and me as we stand in opposite corners of this random corridor whispering into the walls). Essentially, something about the acoustics in that one spot allow you to talk to someone who is standing in the diagonal-facing corner, almost 20 feet away. You whisper into your corner and they can hear you in theirs and vice versa. It’s wild and it blows my mind every time.

MUSIC PICK: Okay, honestly, I might be the last person alive who actually still really f***s with electronic music, but I do. Not all of it, obviously, because it is so saturated and accessible; a lot of talent is hidden under some pretty abrasive and, in my opinion, unnecessary sounds, but I love it for the most part. I’m all about a beat I can dance to. Hip-hop is a close second, though I tend to stick to the artists I’ve been f***ing with for a while in both genres. The best playlist in the city is at Paul’s Baby Grand (MAP ITx)— whether it’s a ‘70s night or a trap night, the music is always out of control. I’ve never gone to Paul’s Baby Grand and not had an absolute blast.

BEST BRUNCH: Okay so, I wouldn’t “recommend” going on the weekend necessarily because, oh my god, the wait, but Clinton St. Baking Company (MAP IT, x) is an absolute must. It’s the best hungover meal imaginable: best huevos in the city, best French toast, best blueberry pancakes… Another place nearby that I’ve loved the few times that I’ve been is Shopsin’s (MAP IT, x)— though the staff can be a little abrupt (do NOT ask to substitute anything, oh boy!), the menu is so overwhelmingly amazing; you will find something totally unique and delicious every time.

HEALTHY STAPLE: Hu Kitchen (MAP ITx), Juice Press (MAP ITx) or Beyond Sushi (MAP IT, x)— all delicious.


DELIVERY GO-TO: Hu Kitchen. My roommate and I had to take a break from Melt because we were ordering six at a time at a minimum of four nights a week; our fixation has now turned to Hu Kitchen’s baked goods. Also, we always order from the sushi spot, Doka Square (MAP IT, x). It’s kind of become our staple Sunday meal before we pass out for the night; it’s so delicious and the fish is always fresh.

GO-TO GETAWAY: I travel with my dad a lot and when he finds a place he likes, we generally keep going back. I’ve been very lucky to visit some amazing places with him— from the Bahamas to Tahiti to Ibiza. Ibiza is one of my favorite places ever; everyone there is there to have a good time. Currently, my dad is in a Punta Del Este phase; I just got back from my first trip there with him (we were celebrating the new year) and he is already planning next New Years there!

TO SEE AND BE SEEN: Paul’s Baby Grand, Paul’s Casablanca (MAP ITx), ACME (MAP ITBOOK ITx), The Blond (MAP ITx)– the worst and I don’t recommend it– basically, if you can’t see, hear, communicate or afford drinks, you’re in the right place.

CLOSET CHECK: I think my style is pretty laid-back. I’m in jeans, a tee shirt and sneaks almost every day. I like shopping at funky New York places on Delancey or Broadway or way uptown. I do love Reformation (MAP IT, x) if I need something nicer and I always find cute stuff at OAK (MAP IT, x).

BEST HOST/HOSTESS GIFTS: Jonathan Adler (MAP ITx) is always amazing, but it is really pricey. I like going to bookstores and finding a nice book or coffee table book, but I usually stick to wine— wine’s a winner.

BEAUTY BLACK BOOK: Marie Nails (MAP IT, x)– I live and die by Marie. I always try to have my nails as long as possible and Marie uses cal gel which is a nail strengthener so your nails can actually grow because they are staying healthy even while using gel. Also, all the women who work there are dope. Also, John Barrett (MAP ITx)  is hardly a secret– and, up to this point, my mom has been my haircutter– but, I just recently went with a friend to get a haircut at John’s. As my friend was cleaning up, I sat in the salon chair and John [unexpectedly] came right up to me and started trimming my bangs and cutting my hair. He is so skilled that he wasn’t even looking at me, just chatting and doing his thing. It was the best haircut I’ve ever gotten.

FIT PICK: The best pilates in NYC is at Flex Studios (MAP ITx); they will kick your ass. I also love this place called Switch Playground (MAP IT, x) and I just recently tried Rumble Boxing (MAP IT, x) at the behest of literally everyone I know— I enjoyed it.

ULTIMATE NY MOMENT: Okay, so this is not the first time I’ve told this story, but it is the most insane thing that’s ever happened to me so I have to share it. I was on the subway and I noticed one of the most peculiar-looking women I’d ever seen sitting across from me, but I didn’t think anything of it and just sat listening to my music, waiting for my stop. When the train arrived, I got up and headed for the door. Suddenly, the woman got up too– casually, even uneasily– coming very close to me and handing me a tiny scrap of newspaper. She said not one word and simply scurried back to her seat. I got off the train and just stood there for a moment, on the platform, so confused by this bizarre interaction. Finally, I opened the note (which you know I still have) and it read, “Dear Eleanor, You are so sexy. I want to take you home to my master so we can f*** you. Call when you’re ready. *phone number*.” Naturally I froze because, first of all, how the hell did this woman KNOW MY NAME? Second of all, just all around, what the actual f? Anyway, as it turns out, she got my name from my nameplate necklace– le duh– which, for the first time since I’d gotten it, I took off for nearly three months. That experience was absolute lunacy, but honestly, that woman was self-assured as hell, so you know, get it girl… CP

Eleanor’s New York

From L to R: First Row: Nails by Marie; Inside Paul’s Baby Grand; Melt ice cream sandwich; Womenswear at OAK. Second Row: Inside The Flower Shop; Fashion by Reformation; Bites at Doka Square; Jonathan Adler décor details.


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