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Few moments are as enchanting as the first few weeks of spring— the air turns from cool to crisp, gardens are in full bloom and all around us things seem enlivened and renewed. In fact, if ever there were a perfect time of year to celebrate the incredible women that give us everything, could we have cherry-picked a better one? With Mother’s Day just around the corner, we sat down with a very special one, herself: Simone LeBlanc, who not only happens to be wonderfully thoughtful and considered, but who has made a business out of being exactly that.

If you aren’t familiar, her namesake company specializes in hyper-curated gift boxes in which LeBlanc fills with her favorite tiny treasures. “For the receiver, the magic in a gift box is the feeling of discovery and of being so well considered in a way that’s uniquely right for them,” she says. She believes that every gift tells a story— it connects people, makes memories and strengthens bonds; for her boxes, that means themed sets like “Relax & Renew” come beautifully packaged with aromatherapy candles, organic tea blends, and tea cups— Japanese Hasami ones to be exact. Now, for Mother’s Day, LeBlanc has carefully curated several unique gift boxes with the discerning mom in mind including the aforementioned “Relax & Renew,” as well as “Mind, Body, Spirit” and “Staycation.” All you’ll need to do is enter in mom’s address (and if you’re like us, yours too— there’s nothing wrong with a little self-love, are we right?). Check out our conversation with LeBlanc and three of her special boxes below.

LeBlanc; the “Staycation” gift box

CP: Funnily enough, you’ve made a business in boxes that think “outside of the box”— what inspires your curated packages?
SL: Offering our customers and clients a go-to destination for chic, elevated gifting. I love capturing emotion and feeling with our gifts and connecting people through them. I know when a gift is really going to resonate. You can just feel it.

CP: Where do you look for all of the tiny treasures that go into your boxes? And what do you look for in a product— what makes something tailor-made for your boxes?
SL: I’m always sourcing, editing, designing— it’s a non-stop type of approach. We blend beautiful with practical, timeless with unexpected, but always incorporate value. We have to want every product we showcase ourselves. We’re about quality over quantity and longevity.

CP: When someone opens an Simone LeBlanc box, you like to imagine _______________.
SL: They feel a sense of discovery, a bit of wonder, and like they’ve really been considered and thought of. That, and gratitude that they have received something that they truly want in their lives! 

CP: When you hear the name, “mom,” what immediately comes to mind?
SL: The sound of my daughter’s sweet little voice and the feeling of strength, consistency and resilience— the keepers of wisdom and intuition.

CP: In your opinion, every mother needs ___________?
SL: A few more hours to themselves… and a beautiful Simone LeBlanc gift box!

CP: With Mother’s Day approaching, how did you go about curating your three new boxes with women and mothers in mind?SL: We really tap into the needs of women overall. We think about specific moments in their lives and the mood and feeling that will feel good to them and inspire memories and pleasure. We see it as being connected to the core of what every mother would enjoy and truly needs. The “Relax and Renew” box is for the mom who loves some peace and quiet or “me” time like enjoying a beautiful tea in her garden or kitchen. The “Staycation” box is for the mom who craves a pampering retreat and the “Mind, Body, Spirit” box is designed for the woman who wants to connect her head and heart (with a little luxury of course)… what mom doesn’t want all of those things?

CP: Can you name one of your most recent discoveries and latest obsessions?
SL: Our S/L ember candle— its warm scents are deep, cozy and instantly make any room feel calm and comfortable. I’m also obsessing over the Palermo Body Botanical Facial Steam which we carry in some of our Mother’s Day gift boxes— their products are gorgeous, simple and natural.

The “Relax & Renew” gift box; the “Mind, Body, Spirit” gift box

Simone’s “LA”

NEIGHBORHOOD STANDBY: I love clean, comfort food. Kali on Melrose (MAP IT, BOOK IT) is my current go-to.

ALL-TIME FAVORITE RESTAURANT: Hard to choose just one, but some of my current favorites include Bestia (MAP IT, BOOK IT, x), Gjelina (MAP IT, BOOK IT, x), Kismet (MAP IT, BOOK IT, x) and A.O.C. (MAP IT, BOOK ITx) … I could go on!

COCKTAIL DE LA NUIT: My classic is “The Sophia” from Bar Stella (MAP IT, x)— it’s a blend of mezcal, campari, agave and lime. I also love an Aperol spritz at The Sunset Tower in Hollywood (MAP IT, x).

LADIES LUNCH: The patio at A.O.C— it feels like an instant vacation and it’s always such a good time with the ladies.

HEALTHY STAPLE: Erewhon on Beverly (MAP IT, x). I make myself the most decadent salad from their salad bar.

GUILTY PLEASURE: Jon & Vinny’s (MAP IT, x) is my current guilty pleasure. There is no way to eat light there.

LA’S BEST-KEPT SECRET: When the camellias bloom in April at Descanso Gardens (MAP IT) and a delicious breakfast at [the garden restaurant] Maple (MAP IT, BOOK IT).

ULTIMATE LA MOMENT: For me, it’s Oscars week. The ephemeral Hollywood decadence takes over the city a few days before the event and you can feel it everywhere— so many people are in town all at once so the city feels very lively and full of fun possibilities. CP


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