Going Green | St. Patrick’s Day


Let us just preface this by saying how we find green beer to be offensive and leprechaun tights need be reserved strictly for them… That being said, we do like to feel festive, no matter the holiday– whether that means hosting a dinner party or indulging in a cheeky nod just for “us.” Here, we rounded up a few fun places in LA and NY to celebrate the luck of the Irish our way (think eating your greens and drinking them too)…


1. Morning
| Matchabar
Beloved NYC-café Matchabar has finally landed out West, and if not too coincidentally, its signature green-hued goods are arriving just in time for St. Patrick’s Day. Here, you can drink your greens and eat them too– the bar’s popular matcha lattes are sold alongside Gjusta pastries (including fresh baklava croissants). (MAP IT)

2. NoonErven
“I recently discovered Erven in Santa Monica and it serves beautiful vegetarian food,” says CP contrib Erin Wasson. Well, if this sweet, little vegan spot is good enough for Wasson, it’s good enough for us. Pop by for lunch– there’s plenty of antioxidant-rich greens to go around… how does romanesco with pistachios and mint, or a broccoli chopped salad with pepperoncini and poppyseed dressing sound? (MAP IT)

3. Night | Bar Angeles
From the team behind Café Birdie and Good Housekeeping, Bar Angeles is the latest hangout to hit Silver Lake and it has just three specialties in mind: craft cocktails, pints and pizza. Decorated in primary colors and graphic murals, it’s an especially fun spot for happy hour. Order the “En Fuego,” a cilantro tequila drink with habanero and lime, then order another before indulging in a salsa verde-topped white pie and a side of brussels sprouts with burrata and parsley– now, that’s the kind of St. Patty’s Day “green” we can get behind. (MAP IT)


1. Morningde Maria
If you want to start your day off right, downtown’s cutest newcomer, de Maria, is a morning meeting game-changer. The Nolita café churns out healthful, nourishing bites that you don’t have to feel guilty about; plus, its airy, open interior is picture perfect. Order the “Rooster Bowl,” a smoked salmon-seaweed grain bowl topped with green fermented veggies (pro move: add a poached egg), and all will be right with the world. (MAP IT)

2. NoonabcV
Eating your greens has never felt so festive (or delicious). Stop by the newly-opened abcV for one of their emerald-dipped dishes like avocado lettuce cups with serrano and lime or a freshly-baked dosa with yogurt, avocado and sprouts. There’s also a selection of made-to-order “rejuvenation tonics” including the “Brain”– a shot of brahmi, gotu, kola, kale, spinach, ginger and lime– that’s… you guessed it… green. (MAP IT)

3. Night | The Breslin
Join Chef April Bloomfield by toasting the day in tradition: for $33, you’ll dine on corned beef with braised cabbage, sauerkraut and crushed potatoes, as well as freshly-baked Irish soda bread; and to wash it all down, your choice of a Founder’s Brewing Co. Nitro Pale Ale or a Victory Donnybrook Stout. (MAP IT) CP


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