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Harry Josh


| West Village

Celebrity hairstylist Harry Josh said it himself, some things “could only happen in New York.” Like accepting $17 cocktails as the new norm or being upstreamed for a cab in the dead of winter, but namely, we mean good “things” including made-in-Manhattan stories like Josh’s. Formerly a casting director for big-time fashion houses like Marc Jacobs and Louis Vuitton, Josh first took up hairstyling as a passion project on the side. Only, when said hobby has supermodels like Gisele Bundchen forgoing posh salons in favor of a certain nondescript fifth-floor walkup, it’s probably more “divine calling” than “passion project.” As fate would have it, Amy Astley, then the Beauty Director of Vogue, would catch wind of Josh’s underground hair lair via a chance encounter with two models at a YSL boutique (both were discreet HJ clients) and voilà, Josh landed a major feature in the top glossy, not to mention his high-profile career. Today, his work spans editorial (think GQ, Harper’s Bazaar and Allure) to celebrity styling (Miranda Kerr, Karlie Kloss, Kate Hudson and Gwyneth Paltrow)—as well as an eponymous line of hairstyling tools for those of us at home. Here, Josh sits down with CITIPHILE to reveal his little black book on NYC.

NEIGHBORHOOD STANDBY: Urban Vegan Kitchen on Carmine (MAP ITBOOK ITx) and by CHLOE (MAP IT, x). Being newly vegan, I’m always looking for great vegan options. Struggling to find meat substitutes has been a fun, but challenging task. Luckily, New York has lots of great options. At the moment, my favorite is the guac burger with air-baked fries at by CHLOE.

COFFEE OR TEA: Triple espresso with almond milk from my Nespresso machine at home. I am obsessed with my Nespresso.

ALL-TIME FAVORITE RESTAURANT: ABC Kitchen (MAP ITBOOK IT, x). I love the roasted squash toast— hold the ricotta. There is so much integrity in all of the food there; I take comfort in knowing that they’re picking the highest quality ingredients.

COCKTAIL DE LA NUIT: A mint cosmopolitan from Tamarind in Tribeca (MAP ITBOOK IT, x).


MUSIC PICK: Pop is my favorite kind of music. The Westside Market on 14th Street (MAP IT) has a surprisingly good playlist; I love shopping there because they’re always playing great 80’s jams!

BEST BRUNCH: Locanda Verde in Tribeca (MAP ITBOOK IT, x)— the ricotta pancakes are incredible.

BEST PEOPLE WATCHING: Bar Pitti (MAP IT, x) or curbside at any of the restaurants on Elizabeth and Mott Streets.

HEALTHY STAPLE: Juice Press (MAP IT, x) for raw falafel and a “Gravity” green juice (celery, cucumber, kale, lemon and e3 live).

GUILTY PLEASURE: Mah-Ze-Dahr Bakery (MAP IT, x)— being a vegan, it’s hard to give up butter. I do cheat, but only for this bakery. Nothing else is worth it.

NY’S BEST-KEPT SECRET: The Tui Na massage parlors around the city. You can get the best massage of your life for $60/hr. There’s a great one on Sullivan Street called Chun Hong Tui (MAP IT, x).


REGULAR AT: I go to Equinox in Greenwich Village (MAP IT, x) and KGBody at Movement in Chelsea (MAP IT, x) religiously. I’m a workout junkie so I go really, really early to avoid the crowds. Other places I frequent are the aforementioned restaurants; I never go at peak hours— I’ll eat dinner at 5:30 pm at ABC Kitchen.

DATE NIGHT STANDBY: My cozy home as I have a fireplace and a partner. I like to watch a movie, have some wine and snuggle with our dogs.

DELIVERY GO-TO: Postmates!

CLOSET CHECK: A.P.C. jeans and a vintage tee, forever. I love vintage stores for most things, but I buy all of my denim from A.P.C. (MAP IT, x). 


HAIR TREND S/S ’16: It’s the return of the haircut. I think we’re going to see a lot of women losing length and getting cool cuts— that’s where it’s at!

HAIRCARE SECRET WEAPON: John Frieda Frizz Ease Expert Finish Polishing Serum and Harry Josh Pro Tools 2-in-1 Marcel Curling Iron.

BEST HOME DÉCOR: ABC Home (MAP IT, x) mixed with some Restoration Hardware (MAP IT). I like lots of reclaimed wood— actually, reclaimed everything; my home is the antithesis of modern. I love seeing history in the pieces that I buy.


GROOMING BLACK BOOK: Christine Chin (MAP IT, x) for facials.

FIT PICK: 30-mins of cardio and an hour of lifting four times-a-week, one day of dance cardio and one day of yoga. 

ULTIMATE NY MOMENT: My big break— it could only have happened in New York. I was a casting agent at the time and secretly cutting and coloring models’ hair in my walk-up apartment in SoHo. Amy Astley, now the Editor-in-Chief of Teen Vogue, but then the Beauty Director of Vogue, was shopping in Yves Saint Laurent and complimented a model’s hair who happened to be shopping there as well. The model told Amy I did her color. Another model overheard and said, “He colors me too!” And then the salesman said, “Harry cuts my hair!” She thought, “How do I not know who this is? I’m the Beauty Director at Vogue!” So she called me and came to interview me at my tiny apartment in SoHo— I didn’t work at a salon then. While she was there, Shalom Harlow, another client of mine at the time, buzzed my apartment (she was locked out of hers) so she came up and hung out while Amy finished the interview. Amy gave me a great feature in Vogue after that and my career changed overnight. I am still so grateful! CP

Harry’s New York

From L to R: First Row: Inside ABC Kitchen; Pancakes from Locanda Verde; Josh with Rose Byrne; by CHLOE. Second Row: Décor at ABC Carpet & Home; Inside Mah-Ze-Dahr Bakery; Café Cluny; Sweets at Mah-Ze-Dahr.


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