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Jenni Kayne


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If Donna Karan be the poster child of New York, then Jenni Kayne is most certainly LA’s golden girl. The essence of laid-back, California chic (in fact, we’re pretty sure she invented it), the Los Angeles native has a knack for finding beauty in the quotidian— whether that be cooking at home, arranging flowers or practicing revitalizing breath work (OK, maybe that last one hasn’t quite reached daily-routine-status outside of LA just yet). Still, Kayne’s carefully curated blog, Rip & Tan, is a virtual marketplace for ideas on healthful, peaceful and beautiful living. As a designer, her namesake women’s and home label offers much the same— clothing is gauzy, breathable and cozy; goods are idiosyncratic and subtly luxe. Of course, they’re the kinds of pieces that fill Kayne’s own closet and home: a potpourri of basket-woven leather, farmhouse wood and Andean prints so stunning, it ought to be the blueprint for modern Southern Californian living. Trust us when we say, if it’s on Kayne’s radar, it should hands-down be on yours too. Here, she sits down with CITIPHILE to reveal her little black book on LA.

NEIGHBORHOOD STANDBY: A Votre Santé (MAP IT, x) is one of my all-time favorites. It’s really close to my house and our Brentwood store. I’m a big believer in breakfast for lunch— I love turkey bacon!

COFFEE OR TEA: Tea. Caffe Luxe (MAP IT, x) makes one of the best iced green teas!

ALL-TIME FAVORITE RESTAURANT: There are too many great restaurants to pick just one! But, for a local spot, I really love Rustic Canyon Wine Bar (MAP IT, BOOK ITx). Their menu is seasonal and inspired by the farmer’s market so I always order vegetables and small plates. I also love Gjelina in Venice (MAP IT, BOOK IT, x).

COCKTAIL DE LA NUIT: I’m a big fan of Marc Rose and everything he does. His Spare Room at The Roosevelt Hotel (MAP IT, x) is so much fun and the cocktail menu is amazing! I tend to order any sort of spicy margarita.

AFTER-WORK HANGOUT: I usually go straight from the office to pick up my kids. I love to cook so we often spend timing making dinner as a family; any after-work drinks usually take place at my home because I love to entertain family and friends!

LADIES LUNCH: Gracias Madre (MAP IT, BOOK IT, x) has the most delicious vegan Mexican food; it’s great for a ladies lunch or dinner!

MUSIC PICK: ‘90s rap! All of Jon & Vinny’s restaurants (including Son of a Gun (MAP IT, BOOK ITx), Trois Mec (MAP IT, BOOK ITx), Petit Trois (MAP IT, x)) have the greatest music. The best part is that their director, Helen Johannesen has all of the playlists available on her Spotify!

BEST BRUNCH: The Tavern (MAP IT, x) is always a classic brunch spot that’s loved by the entire family.

BEST PEOPLE WATCHING: Chateau Marmont (MAP IT, x) and The Beverly Hills Hotel (MAP IT, x).

HEALTHY STAPLE: Kye’s on Montana (MAP IT, x) [and I order] the Nahm Jim (six vegetable mix with fresh herbs, Thai-inspired fish sauce, hemp seeds, macadamia nuts, sliced almonds, red-black-white rice blend wrapped in nori).

GUILTY PLEASURE: Chocolate caramel cake from Sweet Laurel (x)! It’s to die for.

LA’S BEST-KEPT SECRET: I’m going to go with The Ivy at the Shore (MAP IT, BOOK IT, x). I feel like people don’t go there anymore after it became such a trendy spot, but the food is amazing and it’s one of my family’s favorite spots for brunch.

FIRST THING I MISS WHEN I’M AWAY: Horseback riding at Sullivan Canyon (MAP IT, x). Riding has become a shared passion of Ripley’s and mine!

REGULAR AT: I’m a complete regular at A Votre Santé for breakfast, lunch and dinner!

DATE NIGHT STANDBY: Giorgio Baldi (MAP IT, BOOK ITx) is the most romantic Italian restaurant on the West side. Their pastas are handmade and amazing, as is the halibut dish cooked in cherry tomatoes.

FAMILY FRIENDLY GO-TO: Brentwood Country Mart (MAP IT)— there’s really something for everyone, from the restaurants to the shops.

TO ESCAPE AND UNWIND: A beautiful hike in Malibu.

CLOSET CHECK: My personal style is classic and I definitely stick to a uniform! Aside from Jenni Kayne (MAP IT, x), I shop at The Row (MAP IT, x), Creatures of Comfort and Céline (MAP IT); although, most of my shopping is done online these days…

BEST HOME DÉCOR: Jenni Kayne, Nickey Kehoe (MAP IT, x), Galerie Half (MAP IT, x) and JF Chen (MAP IT, x).

BEST HOST/HOSTESS GIFTS: My stores! We carry a lot of great items that make the perfect hostess gifts.

GIFTS FOR HIM: South Willard (MAP IT, x).

BEAUTY BLACK BOOK: I get my eyebrows done by Kristie Streicher (MAP IT, x); she’s amazing.

FIT PICK: I do a mix of pilates, horseback riding and Tracy Anderson (MAP IT, x). I’m not the most coordinated person in the world, but I love how energized and strong her classes make me feel!

ULTIMATE LA MOMENT: Could never pick just one! CP

Jenni’s LA

From L to R: First Row: Purses by Jenni Kayne; Cocktail from The Spare Room; Beverly Hills Hotel; Bone Marrow from Rustic Canyon Wine Bar; Second Row: Nachos from Gracias Madre; View from Chateau Marmont; Vegan Cookies from Sweet Laurel Bakery; Avocado and Salmon Toast from Gjelina.

From L to R: First Row: Purses by Jenni Kayne; A craft cocktail from The Spare Room; The Beverly Hills Hotel; Bone marrow from Rustic Canyon Wine Bar. Second Row: Nachos from Gracias Madre; The view from Chateau Marmont; Vegan cookies by Sweet Laurel Bakery; Avocado and salmon toast from Gjelina.


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