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Being bicoastal really has its benefits– especially when it means you can curtail East Coast humidity by striking up a “summer residency” in La La Land (our Chateau pool days can be filed under “market research” no?). Humor aside, we got to spend the better part of July kicking it along the Venice canals with jewelry designer Irene Neuwirth, sunset cheers-ing with stylist Maryam Malakpour at her home in the hills, and shooting an all-star list of new contribs that will be coming to CITIPHILE very soon. Still, we managed to clock in time with two of our favorite New Yorkers: Jessica Minkoff and photographer Lyle Owerko, the both of whom reminded our newly West Coast-obsessing, Eat-Pray-Loving selves that Manhattan can be just as great. Sometimes, the only thing to do is to have your cake and eat it too. Below, it’s all of July’s best recommendations right here, right now.


Outside of Sauvage; Gelato from L'arte del Gelato

Outside of Sauvage; Gelato from L’arte del Gelato

Bites & Heights | The High Line, NYC
*Recommended by Jessica Minkoff
“For me, an ideal summer day would involve sunbathing (with protection!) in Sheep’s Meadow, followed by a walk down The High Line,” says Harper’s Bazaar’s Jessica Minkoff, and given The High Line’s current culinary line-up, we’re inclined to agree. From the myriad of cheap eats stands slinging Mexican, Latin American and you-name-it-they’ve-got-it frozen treats (there’s serious popsicles, ice cream sammies and gelato to be had) to sit-down stops like Terroir’s wine-and-beer patio bar or the tropical-done-chic Santina, trust us when we say there’s a stroke for every folk. But really, is there anything better than an impromptu grilled chicken taco with lime salsa and a weekend stroll? Perhaps only if followed by a scoop of ricotta gelato with caramelized figs— now you know our stroke. (MAP IT)

Old-School Cool | Capo, LA
*Recommended by Irene Neuwirth
Quite possibly one of the most underrated restaurants in LA, Capo is a superb Italian spot tucked away in Santa Monica. It’s the kind of neighborhood place you’ll want to stop in for a night cap just as much as you will an indulgent date night— indeed, jewelry designer Irene Neuwirth does both (according to her, they make one killer martini, not to mention their don’t-even-get-her-started transcendent pasta). You’ll be hard-pressed to find better Italian on the West side— Capo’s morel linguini, zucchini and pancetta tortelli and whole branzino are truly special. (MAP IT)

Savor Summer | Dimes, NYC
*Recommended by Lyle Owerko
There’s a reason this airy Chinatown café only continues to garner hype: “For breakfast, brunch, lunch and dinner— it’s simply the best,” says Owerko. If not for your diet (Dimes is health-conscious) or for your Instagram (it’s also sublimely edited), it’s rotating menu of market-driven plates is worth visiting at least once per season. Right now, there’s matcha yogurt with fresh plums, almonds and black sesame to start your morning, a pickled watermelon cucumber salad with feta for midday (we add avocado too), and a quinoa bowl topped with wax beans, eggplant and red pepper relish at night. A few bites of their “Magic Toast” never hurt anyone either— right now, it’s topped with rhubarb, fig and goat cheese. (MAP IT)

Stellar Seafood | Sauvage, NYC
*Recommended by CITIPHILE
Few things go together like seafood and summer— happy hour seems better when drinks are oyster-flanked, al fresco catch-ups practically beg for some sort of ceviche/crudo, and nothing beats a Mediterranean-style feast on date night. That being said, when we learned that one of CITIPHILE’s most recommended oyster-and-cocktail bars, Maison Premiere was opening a sister restaurant, we knew it’d become our summer mainstay. New to Greenpoint, Sauvage is a palm-decked, blush-toned daydream of a bistro you’ll pine to linger at for hours (good news: you can as it serves breakfast, brunch, lunch and dinner). The cocktails are as excellent as it’s older sister’s as are it’s selection of oysters and raw bar plates (read: sea urchin with rhubarb, prawns in a saffron aioli, queen crab in brown butter, and fluke crudo). We’re thrilled about Sauvage’s vegetable game too— carrot carpaccio, a leek terrine, eggplant and artichoke salad— meaning no matter the time of day, you’ll likely find us here. (MAP IT)


The Nice Guy

The Nice Guy

From Bridge to Brunch| Fort Defiance, NYC
*Recommended by Lyle Owerko
“Summer is the perfect time to hop on a bike and zoom over to Red Hook,” Owerko tells us. “I love grabbing an afternoon drink at Fort Defiance.” The all-day neighborhood bar and bistro will make you whatever you want, though their selection of brunch cocktails is next-level— it’s where we first laid eyes on the “Breakfast Martini,” a gin, cointreau, lemon and orange marmalade elixir that makes the tired mimosa look even more so. We’re also fans of FD’s “King Bee,” a Darjeeling-and-honey-infused vodka mixed with lemon juice and cava– now, that’s the kind of tea party we can get behind. (MAP IT)

Den of Dreams | The Nice Guy, LA
*Recommended by Irene Neuwirth
A members-only-leaning lounge that could easily pass for Kitty and Red Forman’s living room in That 70’s Show? Yes, please. Amidst the overly-hyped, pretentious and crowded, The Nice Guy is a breath of fresh West Hollywood air. You can order your spicy margarita without queuing, plop down on a mustard paisley sofa for a few marinated olives or truffle fries at leisure, and chat with a friend over a late-night espresso mezcal martini at a normal conversational decibel. Indeed, The Nice Guy is for the tribe of gals and guys— ourselves and Irene Neuwirth included— who appreciate a night out and a good drink, but whose nights of adolescent debauchery are (thankfully) long behind us. It’s Chateau Marmont-meets-Studio 54-meets-Mad Men and lately every Friday, we can’t get there quickly enough. (MAP IT)



The Now; Inside Scout

Party Tricks | The Now & Melissa Rogers, LA
*Recommended by Irene Neuwirth and Maryam Malakpour
At this point, “summer” may as well be a pseudonym for “interminable wedding,” are we right? The annual season for nuptials seems to get only crazier, longer and more scattered with each passing year— so much so that this summer we’ve had more weekends of couples celebrations than we’ve had personal PTO. Craving a little TLC ourselves, it just so happens that weddings make the perfect excuse for a little out-of-the-ordinary pampering— whether it be a massage, facial, mani-pedi or makeup session. WeHo’s The Now (an Irene Neuwirth favorite) has just the thing: anxiety-reducing, spot-targeting massages that start at just $35 per 25 minutes (not to mention $5-10 add-ons like “Beauty Sleep,” a cool mask to reduce dark circles and wrinkles, and “Power Cleansing,” an abdominal massage that aids digestion while detoxifying the body and mind). And thanks to Maryam Malakpour, we now know how to achieve a “model glow” and magazine-worthy beauty look come D day— err, W day? Makeup artist Melissa Rogers, who aside from painting the face of Lily Aldridge (and others), happens to take house calls. Go ahead, treat yourself. 

Best in Show | The Whitney Museum, NYC
*Recommended by Jessica Minkoff
Where would Jessica Minkoff take out-of-town guests for a taste of NY culture? “The Whitney Museum. The architecture of the museum itself is amazing and its location feels very much like New York City to me,” she says. Plus, at the moment, there are four new shows on display, all of which run through the end of summer meaning time to catch them is running out. Abstract modernist Stuart Davis and social and cultural photographer Danny Lyons have individual exhibitions— both of which are excellent— and NY-based artist Virginia Overton has taken over the Whitney’s fifth-floor terrace, turning it into a dreamy sculpture-meets-botanical garden. It’s the perfect place to grab a cocktail and watch the sun set over the Hudson River. (MAP IT)

Dress Up, Stand Out | Scout, LA
*Recommended by Maryam Malakpour
Miyake, Watanabe, Yamamoto— if you’re currently wondering whether or not we’re talking about sushi, Scout probably isn’t the place for you. If, on the other hand, you’re envisioning sublime Japanese pleating and uniform-worthy separates, you— like Malakpour— were made for Scout. The expertly-curated vintage shop stocks womenswear that stands the test of time (from the aforementioned fashion designers as well as others like Comme de Garçons, Alaia, YSL and Geoffrey Beene). Though always worth a quick pit stop, the boutique is especially great in the summer as its inventory is heavy on slip dresses, tunics and relaxed pants in airy fabrics like linen and cotton. Here’s to a closet that would do Birkin and Bardot proud. (MAP IT)


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