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So, we’re nearing the end of summer, and yes, our skin has never looked clearer nor our hair brighter, but our no-fuss, anti-routine routine has inevitably led us to the land of triple D’s (no, not that kind): dry, dull and damaged. We we’re going for coquettish Brigitte Bardot in And God Created Woman; somehow we ended up with uneven, green seaweed-like tresses that despite numerous Little Mermaid references could never be cute. How could our lemon juice and dry shampoo do us so wrong? As our beach vacations begin to come to an end, we sat down with our contributors’ favorite hairstylists to get the scoop on how to keep our beloved new highlights, while restoring health, color and shine.

Gina Gilbert, Hair Colorist, Serge Normant at John Frieda


*Recommended by Jane Larkworthy, Jane Keltner de Valle and Erin Walsh; VIP clients include Sarah Jessica Parker, Julianna Margulies, Ellen Barkin, Gina Gershon and Maggie Gyllenhaal.

SUMMER LOOK: For color, my go-to look is sun-kissed hair with babylights— lots of brightness around the face and ends. To achieve it, I use the balayage, or painting, method which allows me to imitate how the sun naturally colors hair. It looks great with a summer tan.
HAIRCARE 101: This time of year, the most important thing is protecting your color— mix SPF 15 or higher with your favorite conditioner before a day at the beach or pool. Not only does this protect your color, but it adds moisture at the same time.
GO-TO ROUTINE: I braid freshly washed or wet hair, then allow it to dry. Once dry, I take out the braid and use a salt spray (my favorite being John Frieda Beach Waves) to give the natural wave some more beach-y texture.
BEST BEAUTY ADVICE YOU’VE EVER RECEIVED: Keep your teeth white and your hair light.
BEST BEAUTY ADVICE FROM YOU TO US: Don’t over-shampoo! Wait as long as you can between shampoos— even replacing your usual day two shampoo with just conditioner. This allows the hair to retain its natural oils and stay moisturized.
BEST BEAUTY BOUTIQUE: Serge Normant at John Frieda in Chelsea (MAP IT). We carry several brands including Serge Normant, John Frieda, Christophe Robin and Kerastase to name a few.

Rita Hazan, Celebrity Colorist and Owner, Rita Hazan Salon

*Recommended by Roberta Myers, Alexandra Richards, Marina Larroude and Adam Lippes; VIP clients include Beyoncé, Katy Perry, Jennifer Lopez and Jessica Simpson.

SUMMER LOOK: Lemon blonde! It’s a bright, sunny, happy and light shade of blonde and you can make it work with anyone’s color— there are so many different variations of it. To get this shade, you should use terms like “bright,” “buttery” and “pale blonde” when discussing with your colorist (also, pictures are always helpful). I did this shade for Beyoncé on her Formation tour!
HAIRCARE 101: My Weekly Remedy Treatment. The sun, chlorine and salt water are all dehydrating for your hair and skin so you must keep your hair hydrated by doing a treatment that truly works once or twice a week. If you’re in the sun and washing your hair every day, I recommend using a treatment daily for extra protection.
GO-TO ROUTINE: Shampoo, gloss and conditioner! You must gloss your hair to keep your color balanced and the integrity vibrant from the first day of your fresh color to when you’re ready for a touch-up. Hair color doesn’t have to fade or get brassy just because it’s the summer.
BEST BEAUTY ADVICE YOU’VE EVER RECEIVED: Preventative care is always better than corrective.

Chris Lospalluto, Hairstylist, SDSH


*Recommended by Claire Distenfeld and Karla Martinez de Salas; VIP clients include GQ, Teen VOGUE and ELLE.

SUMMER LOOK: I’m not sure there is one specific look for summer anymore. Beach waves of course are now a year-round staple, but what dictates summer hair styles is simplicity: easy, no-fuss hair like sea-salted, air-diffused curls, air-dried hair and post-ocean swim waves with a little bit of muss…“Easy breezy,” as they say.
HAIRCARE 101: I think the best way to achieve any look for summer is always “ less is more.” If you air-dry your hair and the salty ocean air has created a little too much frizz for your liking, just add small amounts of a hair oil (I love the one from Leonor Greyl). It will hydrate and add just the right amount of tameness without the greasy feel. Also, Christope Robin has incredible hair masks and treatments perfect for the end of summer.
GO-TO ROUTINE: The biggest things that compromise hair the most are dryness and chlorine. If you are blonde, avoid jumping into the pool with dry hair– dampen it, add hair oil or a light leave-in to coat the strands. It will stop those strands from turning green after one dip, plus hydrate at the same time.
BEST BEAUTY ADVICE YOU’VE EVER RECEIVED: “Less is more.” Less product, less blowdrying, less fussing. Everyone of course needs to take care of their hair, but with the right professional advice, you can avoid having a multitude of products that never get used in your cabinet; you can feel liberated because, instead, you have the one or two products that best suit your hair…. really, how many volumizers does one person need?
BEST BEAUTY ADVICE FROM YOU TO US: My favorite advice of all-time, “Do it once, Do it right, Do it well.” I might have even coined that, but I live by it.
BEST BEAUTY BOUTIQUE: Sephora is always a crowd pleaser, but for more specialty products: Blue Mercury, Space NK and your own salon might just have exactly what you need. CP


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