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Lydia Hearst


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If all of our lives were suddenly translated into parables, Lydia Hearst’s would read something like, “Do it your way. It’s the only way.” After all, we can think of no other actress as unconventional, as idiosyncratic or as enchanting. Hearst— who is, of course, an heir to her family’s famed publishing empire— is a master at doing things her way, whether that be donning pink and surrounding herself with Star Wars characters at her wedding, ardently collecting antique horror film props, or decorating her and her husband, fellow actor Chris Hardwick’s Los Feliz home with wallpaper from Disney’s Haunted Mansion. The greatest part is that she speaks freely about all of it and, just like that, the offbeat becomes the groundbreakingly cool. Maybe more fascinating, before Hearst was an actress, she was a model— taking on campaigns for the likes of Louis Vuitton and Prada, and appearing as a judge on Oxygen’s The Face alongside Naomi Campell and Anne V.— meaning she’s been a key player in two of the biggest industries that ask you to be anyone, but yourself… Now, how’s that for irony and a solid life lesson? (Be yourselves, kids). At the moment, Hearst has multiple pictures in the works— most notably, two dramas, The Downside of Bliss and 50K, and a comedy, Zelda’s Pepperonis— but she still managed to have us over to chat country music, glamping and Reese Witherspoon’s book club. Here, she sits down with CITIPHILE to reveal her little black book on LA.

NEIGHBORHOOD STANDBY: Fred 62 (MAP IT, x). It’s open 24/7, 365 days a year and it never disappoints. Plus, they have homemade pop tarts!

COFFEE OR TEA: Coffee at my house because I know just how I like it: a Spanish latte in the morning with a double shot of espresso. I am also utterly and completely obsessed with my Tassimo coffeemaker and Gevalia coffee pods— I love them! And, I’m pretty sure I cannot live without them. I have multiple Bosch Tassimo coffeemakers throughout my home and I always make sure to have one to bring away with me if/when I’m off filming on locations for extended periods [of time]. It’s simply the best.

ALL-TIME FAVORITE RESTAURANT: I have a lot of favorite restaurants; it depends on what food I’m craving. My absolute favorite sushi restaurant is Sushi Park (MAP ITx)— it is hands-down the best when it comes to omakase. For Thai food, I highly recommend Sapp Coffee Shop (MAP IT, x); looks may be deceiving when you first arrive, but trust me, you will not be disappointed… I go there for the best jade noodles in town. Craig’s (MAP ITx) has the best Southern-fried, truffle honey chicken with mashed potatoes and it has freshly baked chocolate chip cookies. Osteria La Buca (MAP IT, BOOK IT, x) has two pasta dishes that I cannot get enough— their short rib ravioli and the bucatini carbonara!

COCKTAIL DE LA NUIT: A freshly squeezed lemonade or Perrier if I’m out somewhere; if I’m home, I prefer alkaline water. I don’t drink alcohol.

AFTER-WORK HAPPY HOUR: I’m a creature of comfort and since I don’t drink, bars aren’t exactly my thing. I much prefer to go home at the end of the day. I enjoy curling up with a good book – lately I’m hooked on various psychological thrillers, some of which I have recently found through Reese Witherspoon’s book club. Also, I’m pretty addicted to playing my Nintendo Switch and I even have an arcade in my house so I get to play pinball and Big Buck Hunter whenever I like (which is quite often).

MUSIC PICK: I am all about country music. Don’t let my background in high-fashion fool you; I’m a country girl. People get caught up in the publishing realm and forget my family is also a bunch of ranchers. I only ever listen to The Highway on Serious Radio in my car and I love a good country concert. For my birthday, I went to the Luke Bryan concert last year at The Forum with a couple of girlfriends; at my wedding, I was fortunate enough to have my favorite country singer of all time, Clay Walker, perform.

BEST BRUNCH: Mustard Seed Cafe (MAP ITx)— it’s intimate, it’s casual and the food is always great.


Fashion by Nora al Shaikh

HEALTHY STAPLE: The Chateau Marmont (MAP ITx) for spaghetti bolognese and a lemonade… Okay, maybe most people wouldn’t consider that “quick” or “healthy,” but it’s what I like.

GUILTY PLEASURE: I LOVE candy. Since neither me nor my husband drink, I built and replaced a classic bar with a candy bar in the house. I have it fully stocked with various Nestle candies like Runts, Sweet Tarts, sour Sweet Tarts, various sour belts, Cry Baby Tears, Sour Patch Kids and Goobers… I tend to indulge in the sour candies more, but I certainly don’t discriminate when it comes to sugar and sweets.

LA’S BEST-KEPT SECRET: The Museum of Jurassic Technology (MAP IT, x). 


DATE NIGHT STANDBY: Café Stella (MAP ITBOOK ITx)— it’s dark, romantic, close to home and you can’t go wrong with a good steak-frites.

DELIVERY GO-TO: Lucifer’s Pizza (MAP IT, ORDER IT, x).

TO ESCAPE AND UNWIND: Griffith Park and the Griffith Observatory (MAP ITx).

GO-TO GETAWAY: I love travel and adventures! Road tripping and finding new places to explore is one of my favorite things to do. For a quick weekend away, it’s nice to drive a few hours away and stay in fun and different places like Stepladder Creamery in Cambria (MAP IT, x) or San Ysidro Ranch in Santa Barbara (MAP IT, x). I’m also a huge fan of glamping which, if you don’t know what that is, it’s basically camping’s glamorous cousin. One of my favorite places to go is on the East Coast– it’s Firelight Camps in Ithaca, NY (MAP IT, x); it was co-founded by a friend of mine from high school, Emma Frisch. Glamping truly is the perfect blend of outdoor wilderness with indoor ease where you’re able to relax and unwind and enjoy delicious meals under the stars. I highly recommend it.

CLOSET CHECK: My style is rather eclectic and always changing. I think that I’ve recently become more comfortable with being myself instead of trying to fit into whatever mold people have tried to project onto me in the past— perhaps that comes with a combination of maturity, confidence and finding someone who truly loves and appreciates me as I am. There is no such thing as bad fashion; it is all a form of self-expression. For shopping, I typically go to Fred Segal (MAP ITx), although I have to admit, I am an avid online shopper and get most of my items on Fwrd, Net-a-Porter and Shopbop— those are my three go-tos!

ACCESSORIES PICK: I love handbags— especially ones by Louis Vuitton (MAP IT). I suppose I also have a pretty extensive high heel shoe collection which seems crazy to me because I’m almost always barefoot or in sneakers or cowboy boots unless I’m going to work or on a red carpet.

QUOTIDIAN KEEPER: McCall’s Meat & Fish Co. (MAP ITx)— it’s a truly spectacular gourmet market where I go regularly for various meats, cheeses and handcrafted pastries.

BEST HOME DÉCOR: My interior style would certainly be described as unique. I love antiques, oddities, patterns, wallpapers; I’m very eclectic. I put a lot of time, effort and care into designing this house. I have wallpapers from Disneyland (like the foyer wallpaper from the Haunted Mansion and the ceiling paper from 1901). I even have a collection of horror movie props because I love monsters and fantastical creatures. Everything in my house inspires and comforts me; I really loved taking the time to carefully find and select every single light fixture, piece of furniture and textile.


BEAUTY BLACK BOOK: Sonya Dakar (MAP IT, x) is a goddess when it comes to skincare! For hair, I go to the Andy LeCompte salon (MAP ITx); I am always changing my color and style and owe my long, healthy hair to George Papanikolas (x).

FIT PICK: My fitness is all over the map. I have spent time training with Mark Wildman (x) whose expertise includes circular strength training (i.e. health-first fitness), TACFIT (i.e. tactical fitness), club bell and kettle bell training (i.e. picking things up and putting them down after swinging them around), civilian hand-to-hand combat and armored (i.e. full-contact) self defense training, sword fighting with machetes, firearms instruction and aerial training— so, in other words, fitness, fighting and making pretty shapes with one’s body while hanging from silk. I have also done intensive firearms training and courses with Sage Dynamics. And most recently, I have gotten into pilates with a wonderful personal trainer, Betsy Parker (x). Clearly, I’m not into the whole go-to-a-gym-and-run-on-a-treadmill sort of thing.

ULTIMATE LA MOMENT: What I love most about Los Angeles is that no two days are alike. I’ve learned that in this town dreams really do come true and that anything is possible. CP

Lydia’s LA

From L to R: First Row: Griffith Observatory; Fruit trees at San Ysidro Ranch; Carbonara pasta at Osteria La Buca; Inside a tent at Firelight Camps. Second Row: The view from Stepladder Creamery; Truffle-honey fried chicken at Craig’s; Outside Chateau Marmont; Décor at Spitfire Girl.

Styling | Joseph Cassell starworks @josephcassell1
Hair | Mark Townsend at Starworks artists
Makeup | Rachel Goodwin at Streeters for NARS


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