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Colorful, beautiful and ever cheery, few personify “la dolce vita” like Margherita Maccapani Missoni Amos. In fact, with a larger-than-life personality and a wardrobe to match, she’s “Italian” in the best sense of the word. Of course then, when we decided to put together a special summer series profiling international insiders in our favorite vacation destinations (because, duh, we need to know where to get the best gelato in Italy and the best vintage in Paris), we knew just who to phone for the ultimate hit list on Milan. As the heiress to one of Italy’s most iconic fashion houses (Missoni was founded by her grandparents, Ottavio “Tai” and Rosita), Margherita grew up with her finger on the pulse of the city— fashion shows were annual events (we had… prom?); the arts, culture and design were some sort of core curriculum. As a teen, she became the face of the family brand, starring in Missoni campaigns as its model; by 26, she was working alongside her mom, Angela (the house’s current Creative Director) as a member of its design team. For the past several years, Margherita, now a mother to two boys, has been busy with her own solo venture, the poppy-hued children’s clothing line “Margherita” which, aside from being the adorable wardrobe of our unborn children (What? We’re planners…), recently expanded into home. Yep, Margherita joined forces with Pottery Barn Kids to sprinkle a little of her Margherita magic and there isn’t a pom pom or technicolor insect pillow that disappoints… But, then again, who knows the recipe to a chic lifestyle better than a woman living the life? Or should we say, living that “dolce vita?” Here, she sits down with CITIPHILE to share her little black book on Milan.

NEIGHBORHOOD STANDBY: La Latteria in Piazza San Marco (MAP IT) for the crudaiola with bulghur– it’s an all-around solid dish at a great place.

COFFEE OR TEA: Coffee. Torrefazione Hodeidah (MAP IT) has the best coffee in town. Also, worth noting, my favorite ice cream shop, Gelateria Sempione (MAP IT), uses its brew to create an exceptionally-flavored coffee ice cream.

ALL-TIME FAVORITE RESTAURANT: Trattoria Masuelli in Milano (MAP IT). I would highly recommend ordering the tortelli di zucca mantovana with burro e salvia (almond-pumpkin tortelli with butter and sage)—delizioso!

COCKTAIL DE LA NUIT: A whisky sour at Nottingham Forest (MAP IT), a tiny bar where you can relax and sip on the most perfectly-balanced cocktail. (They also make an incredible negroni.)

WHERE TO BRING OUT-OF-TOWNERS: To eat, everyone must try Ristorante Tradate in Tradate (MAP IT). Also, Villa Panza in Varese (MAP IT) is a conceptual private art collection that’s not to be missed; the magical Sacro Monte (MAP IT) is there too (it’s considered to be a holy mountain in Catholicism). The view from the top of the pilgrimage hike is breathtaking, but you can also take in all the mountain’s majesty from the terrace of the historic Al Borducan Hotel (MAP IT, BOOK IT).

BEST PEOPLE WATCHING: During the Salone del Mobile when the world’s most creative forces– in fashion, art and design– descend upon the city.

HEALTHY STAPLE: Mantra (MAP IT), a vegan café.

GUILTY PLEASURE: Pasticceria Ranieri (MAP IT) for their do di petto cake (pastry filled with cream or chocolate mousse) which got its name from the pasticceria’s most famous patron: Maria Callas.

MILAN’S BEST-KEPT SECRET: Its marvelous private gardens; the city has so many hidden behind the walls of its old palazzos. They are only open to the public one day a year during Porte Aperte, an initiative organized by Fondo Per l’Ambiente Italiano (FAI).

DATE NIGHT STANDBY: Because of its unique and charming Japanese garden, Innocenti Evasioni (MAP IT) makes for the perfect date spot.

TO SEE AND BE SEEN: Ceresio 7 in Milano (MAP IT).  And, in the summertime, the lakes around the city: Maggiore, Como, Varese, Garda…

TO RELAX AND UNWIND: I love dancing under the stars at La Balera dell’Ortica (MAP IT).

ULTIMATE DAY-TO-NIGHT: It would start with breakfast at Marchesi Corso Magenta (MAP IT) followed by a short visit to the La Vigna di Leonardo (MAP IT) and a shopping tour in the 5 vie area. We’d then take a cab and have lunch at La Latteria. In the afternoon, we would visit Villa Necchi Campiglio (MAP IT) and Fondazione Prada (MAP IT), where we’ll take our coffee break at the Wes Anderson bar, Bar Luce, then head to Ceresio 7 for a sunset drink and dinner at the very old-school Boeucc (MAP IT). Finally, if the night takes us there, drinks at Nottingham Forest.

CLOSET CHECK: For shopping, I love Delphine Vintage (MAP IT) and Vincent Vintage Bijoux (MAP IT).

BEST GIFTS TO BRING HOME: Stivaleria Savoia (MAP IT) is fantastic. Also, Zamberletti Varese (MAP IT) for its dolce Varese (sweet cornmeal cake).

ULTIMATE MILAN MOMENT: Back in the 1950s, when my grandmother and my grandfather went to see the Rinascente shop window where the mannequins were blindfolded with colorful scarves and dressed in the very first Missoni clothing ever produced, they overheard a passerby exclaim, “Poor things, they’re lucky they’ve been blindfolded… better than seeing those clothes!” This would only happen in Milan. CP

Margherita’s Milan

From L to R: On Lake Como; Bites from Bar Luce; Pumpkin tortelli at Trattoria Masuelli; Inside Villa Panza. Second Row: Hotel Al Borducan; Missoni Amos with her son; Inside Fondazione Prada; Gelato from Gelateria Sempione.


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