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Admittedly, our recent contrib Zanna Roberts Rassi isn’t your typical working mother— juggling three high-profile gigs (those would be Senior Fashion Editor of Marie Claire, fashion reporter and sought-after stylist, but NBD), her day-to-day could be the zeitgeist of the “the path less traveled by.” Ditto for her husband, Mazdack Rassi who, as co-founder of Milk Studios, has managed to build a revolutionary, bicoastal studio where photography, fashion, music, film, and now, beauty meet. With both their hands on the pulse of cool, the power couple launched Milk Makeup alongside creative director Georgie Greville and makeup artist Frank B., and— in true Rassi fashion— it’s re-writing all of the rules.

First, it’s branded as the cosmetics line “for the girl on the go who spends less time getting done up, more time getting stuff done” so in a world of three-step primers and double-wand mascaras, Milk’s “unfussy,” “uncomplicated” and “wearable” is a breath of fresh air. It doesn’t hurt that the brand’s cruelty-free, preservative-free and natural ingredient-focused either.

Then, there’s its distinctive, urban chic packaging (no doubt a nod to Zanna’s style background) and the innovative products themselves: all-over face gloss, a hydration stick, glitter-free bronzer, spray-on nail polish and a weekend mascara stain. They’re new, but nifty— the sorts of products you’ll soon wonder how you ever lived without. Check out our favorites from the line below.


Coverage Duo ($30).
An ingenious liquid-powder concealer duo with a roller ball application (for the liquid formula) and separate cushion pad (for the powder formula) to guarantee all-over coverage as well as specific spot treatment. It’s infused with coconut oil, aloe, ginseng and Vitamin E, and currently comes in six shades.

Weekend Lash Stain ($22).
A waterproof, two-day stain for darkened and lengthened natural-looking lashes that last all weekend long. Enriched with Vitamin B5, the formula keeps lashes soft, while standing up to showers, rain, or time in the pool. No touch-ups necessary.

Charcoal Cleanser ($28).
Made with charcoal from ubame oak trees (we’re going to claim forecasting charcoal as the next big beauty trend), this daily cleanser helps to absorb oil and harmful toxins left on the body. Plus, it leaves skin feeling extremely soft thanks to its marine water and Vitamin E formula.


Spray Nail ($12).
Finally, your right hand doesn’t have to suffer from your lack of left hand dexterity (or vice versa) as Milk is introducing a spray-on nail polish that coats evenly and in seconds. Free of parabens, sulfates and phthalates, the polish can be applied to directly to the nail, or over regular polish for a quick polish change. Each bottle includes nail stencils to help create nail art like ombré and french manicures.

Matte Bronzer ($24).
The only bronzer to turn us away from Nars’ infamous Laguna compact, Milk’s iteration managed to win us over with its glitter-free, matte finish (oh, how we’ve been waiting for a product like this!). We feel compelled to mention its mango-apricot-peach-lemon-and-coconut ingredient medley as well— not too shabby; not too shabby at all.

Sunshine Oil ($38).
“Everything” oil in the form of a rollerball pen, Milk’s Sunshine Oil blends grapeseed, avocado, grapefruit peel, tangerine peel, mandarin orange peel, and lemon peel to create a natural oil blend perfect for skin hydration and brightness.

Face Gloss ($20).
You know that dewy glow that seems to kiss only celebrities and major models? The one that makes everything from their cheekbones to brows to clavicle catch just the right amount of light?  Well, thanks to Milk, you can have it now too. Their Face Gloss— made for lids, lips, cheeks or cupid’s bow— gives off a brightness that makes your features glow. Model-approved. CP



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