On Our Radar: Wear Where When, Part 2


If you didn’t get a chance to catch our brand-new On Our Radar segment last week, let us go over the highlights: once a month, we’ll be putting together a hyper-curated list of the best new hideaways, hot spots and happenings in New York and Los Angeles, plus tips on when to go where. And if that wasn’t enough, we’ve decided to tackle yet another “W” for you: Wear. Raiding the medicine cabinets of our newfound beauty secret weapon, VIOLET GREY, we’re providing up-to-date tips on what to wear where, too. Check out our latest dawn-’til-dusk guide for New York City below.


Tea Time | Te Company
While everyone is currently preoccupied with the latest trending cold brew (there’s only so many La Colombe on-tap lattes our Instagram feed can take), we’re crushing on a different type of refreshment entirely: tea— iced or hot, and specifically, of the oolong variety. Naturally, we largely have Té Company to thank; run by husband-and-wife duo Frederico Ribeiro and Elena Liao, the small West Village tea shop meticulously sources its oolong-only menu straight from the blend’s birthplace in Taiwan (the couple makes an annual pilgrimage together). Aside from their tea— which, BTW, is high in antioxidants, heart-healthy and metabolism-boosting (fun fact: oolong notoriously aids more in weight loss than any other tea type)— the shop hosts nine guests per evening for a tasting menu and tea pairing dinner called Dinner at Bonnie’s, an homage to the space’s previous tenant, Bonnie Slotnick Cookbooks. While listening to jazz, Ribeiro, a former Per Se and Il Buco cook, creates the seasonal plates which he serves on the shop’s charming mismatched china. Also, liquor is BYOB. (MAP IT)

Morning Ritual:

Morning Ritual: Whatever your cup of tea, consider these basics your new morning BFFs. 1. By Terry’s Touche Veloutée Highlighting Concealer Brush covers up dark circles and bags which are unfortunately a daily occurence for us 2. L’Oeil du Vert’s Hollywood Jasmine Rollette is an all-natural botanical oil that smells of jasmine and sandalwood; it reminds us of the sweet-smelling mornings in California, a scent that’s comforting morning, noon or night  3. Vintner’s Daughter Active Botanical Serum includes 22 organic oils to fight wrinkles, plus powerful antioxidants that inhibit melanin production to brighten skin and calm redness; it nourishes via essential fatty acids too so, basically, it does for your face what tea does for your body.

Clockwise: Smoked salmon toasts from the Nordic Food Hall; Bowery Market; Pesto Cauliflower flatbread from the Nordic Food Hall

Clockwise: Smoked salmon toasts from the Nordic Food Hall; Bowery Market; Pesto Cauliflower flatbread from the Nordic Food Hall

Light-n-Easy Lunch | Grand Central Great Northern Food Hall and Bowery Market
New York’s recently welcomed two new, grab-‘n-go markets: The Great Northern Food Hall in Grand Central, and the lesser-talked about Bowery Market in NoHo. Both consist of focused stands— The Great Northern Food Hall being Scandinavian in theme; Bowery Market, healthful. Inside the first lies barley porridge bowls topped with fruit and Icelandic skyr parfaits for the morning, Danish open-face sandwiches topped with egg salad and shrimp, plus rye and potato flatbreads topped with asparagus and bacon for midday, and a cocktail bar serving Nordic-inspired drinks for after work. Perhaps not “daily routine” material, but it’s a nice departure from the area’s ubiquitous build-your-own salad bars. In NoHo, Bowery Market’s offerings are more limited, but locally-loved: Italian sandwich shop Alidoro has a stall, The Butcher’s Daughter another, and Champion Coffee, Pulqueria (the Mexican spinoff by The Butcher’s Daughter team) and Sushi on Jones each hold spaces too. The market replaced a former auto-body shop on the corner of Great Jones and Bowery, and between all five vendors, it features sandwiches, salads, macro bowls, pressed juices, tacos, nigiri and rolled sushi, and pour-over coffee. Likewise, its digs are as hip as its dishes— read herringbone countertops, hanging plants and pineapple-printed walls. (Grand Central: MAP IT; Bowery: MAP IT)


Face The Day Triple Threat: Our secret to summer skin: apply 1. Vita Liberata’s Self Tanning Night Moisture Mask before you go to bed; its blend of botanicals and antioxidants decreases signs of aging while bronzing the face- no sun exposure necessary which means we can wake up and use 2. Eau Thermale’s Ultra-Light Hydrating Sunscreen SPF 50 for Face, above-and-beyond our favorite SPF. It is meant for layering under makeup and lasts for a full 8-hours 3. For the lips, there’s nothing like Hourglass No. 28 Lip Treatment Oil– and not just because it has a 24-ct gold applicator (though we love that), but its blend of 14 essential oils and vitamins attacks dried summer lips head-on.


Afternoon Delight | MatchaPops
Matchabar took Brooklyn by storm two years ago with its flavored matcha and since, it has opened its doors in Chelsea, launched an iced bottled variety nationwide, and this summer, introduced MatchaPops, vegan popsicles made with frozen bananas. Dusted in a light Matcha coating, the banana pops are then dipped in toppings that range from white chocolate to coconut flakes and cacao. They’ve proven to be big hits at this summer’s various music fests (Gov Ball, Panorama, etc.), but fortunately for us, the guilt-free treats are also available at both brick-and-mortar locations. (Brooklyn: MAP IT; Chelsea: MAP IT)

Afternoon Pick-me-Ups:

Afternoon Pick-Me-Ups: Treat yourself in more ways than one 1. African Botanicals Neroli-infused Marula Oil-touted as “liquid gold” for skin, it’s an all-natural oil rich in omega 9 and 6, plus vitamins C and E meaning it promotes cell renewal, brightens dark spots and pigmentation, tightens pores and all-around nourishes your skin at once- yeah, it’s kind of beauty’s Midas touch. 2. Sisley-Paris Floral Spray Mist hydrates and illuminates skin in a quick overall spritz; we keep it in our bags all summer for a midday, facial “pick me up”


Haute Hobby | The Art Studio NY
Looking for a creative outlet? Perhaps ready to trade in your weekend GOT binge-watching for a more involved hobby? The Art Studio NY makes taking a plunge into the usually-intimidating art scene wonderfully easy. With adult tutorials in painting, charcoal, pastel and illustration, you can brush up on your art skills in 2-3 hour classes virtually any day or night of the week. What’s more, the studio’s courses are extremely affordable (just $34 each) and its evening slots are nearly all BYOB. Grab a bottle and a friend and go make something you can hang over your couch before settling back into “Winterfell.” (MAP IT)


Paint Pals: 1. Hourglass Femme Nude Lip Stylo in No. 4- the chicest crayon there ever was 2. Yves Saint Laurent 5 Couleurs Couture Palette in Avant Garde because every artist needs a palette; we’re particularly obsessed with earthy olive tones that feel both ’70s and autumn-inspired at the moment 3. Tom Ford Nail Lacquer in Toasted Sugar for a splash of color on your fingertips


Happy Hour | Zadie’s Oyster Room
A cute, no-frills bar specializing in oysters and reasonably-priced wine is perhaps summer’s best kind of meeting place and this year, there’s not one better than Zadie’s. With an equally nice selection of East and West coast bivalves, the tiny restaurant offers them seven ways: baked, broiled, fried, pickled, poached, steamed and raw; plus, other small bites like kelp cole slaw, crab cake sliders and a smashed cucumber salad that is astonishingly good (really though; its finished with turmeric yogurt, chile and poppy seeds). By the glass, its wine selection is particularly unique, featuring whites and rosés from Portugal, Spain and Greece (all for $10-12). And best of all, the spot’s weekday happy hour offers half-price oysters, beer and bubbles from 5-7 pm. (MAP IT)


Out of Office Helpers: 1. Oribe Anti-Humidity Spray is an anti-frizz spray that actually works; if you live on the East Coast (ie your life is muggy and perpetually humid), invest 2. Charlotte Tilbury Rock N’ Kohl Iconic Liquid Eye Pencil in Barbarella Brown is our favorite “happy hour helper;” it creates a line as easily as a liquid liner, but its pencil form means it’s longer-lasting and subdued 3. RMS Beauty Buriti Bronzer– the answer to our why-is-powder-bronzer-so-drying-and-cakey-dreams: this cream-based glow


Date Night | Le Coucou
What happens when a tiny Parisian sensation teams up with a stateside “restauranteur-de-force?” Something crazy good— or, as it’s aptly named, Le Coucou. Situated inside SoHo’s new swanky 11 Howard Hotel, the French restaurant is the work of Daniel Rose and Stephen Starr which means its elegant plates are served amidst a grey-scale dining room complete with vintage French toile, white-wash brick and brass fixtures. Despite being born in Chicago, Rose has only ever cooked in Paris (where he made a name for himself via his seasonally-driven restaurant, Spring) so Le Coucou marks his homecoming of sorts. In true French form, his dishes include lobster stuffed squash blossoms with yogurt, mint and dill, chicken and foie gras crepes, and a whole rabbit. They’re the kind of flavors that are special, yet familiar— exactly what we want come date night. (MAP IT) CP

Sex in the City

Sultry in the City: 1. May Lindstrom The Problem Solver Correcting Masque is a blend of raw cacao, bamboo charcoal, salts and spices like nutmeg, cinnamon and cayenne to heal blemishes, detoxify, soothe inflammation and tighten pores. It’s an all-natural elixir that has rescued us from more spots than we can count 2. Shu Uemura Straightforward Time-Saving Blowdry Oil cuts blowdry time in half thanks to its black cumin oil base; no more showing up 30-mins late to your date (unless you’re going for “cool and coy” of course) 3. Surratt Beauty Smoky Eye Baton in Cendres is part-creamy liner, part-satin shadow and it makes the most perfect golden smoky eye 4. Charlotte Tilbury Matte Revolution Lipstick in Bond Girl features papaya and orchid extracts meaning there’s finally a matte ‘stick that isn’t chalky or drying.


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