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Clockwise from L to R: Bang with Cara Delevingne; Cover of the new book; Bang with Rihanna.

CITIPHILE Keith “Bang Bang” McCurdy may be the first tattoo artist to ever become a household name— his artistry made visible by celebrity clients as highly-followed as RiRi, JBiebs, Katy Perry and Kylie Jenner. He’s a proven thrill seeker and pioneer of sorts, taking his work to new heights (we mentioned his whole turning-Bieber’s-private-jet-into-a-tattoo-parlor-mid-flight-thing earlier this week; then there’s the temporary full body design he painted on Cara Delevingne for last year’s Met Gala— an 11-hr production were pretty sure sets temporary tat records). But what went into making Bang Bang the body artist we know and love today? Recounting his story in his own words, his autobiographical book Bang Bang: My Life in Ink reads like an epic personal diary, from humble beginnings (he taught himself to tattoo while working out of his mom’s kitchen) to sky-high fame. Close friend and repeat client Rihanna writes the book’s foreword, “When you’re well known, it can be hard knowing who to trust, but I trusted Bang Bang from the first time he tattooed me,” the pop artist says. The trust clearly runs both ways— Bang has a tiny umbrella inked on his leg c/o RiRi. Each of his tattoos tells a story, a rule he makes sure his wealth of clients adopt as well. So between answering house calls and clocking in at his newly-remodeled downtown shop, it seems only fitting that the professional storyteller finally tell his tale. Personal exposés paired with detailed photographs of his work depict Bang Bang’s rise to the top and the celebrities who helped him get there. Read it all here.  CP


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