So, Here’s The Scoop: Ice Cream Round-Up



1. Elsie’s
Crosby Coffee owner Jeremy Mustakas opened his newest Crown Heights venture, Elsie’s Parlor, earlier this month and its surprisingly chic Instagram feed is nearly reason enough to visit. Specializing in gourmet donuts, ice cream and coffee, the Brooklyn-based shop ‘grams beautifully homemade sweets like muesli-dusted blueberry donuts and scoops of strawberry-ricotta against its mosaic floors and marble countertops like it’s gearing up to launch its own Cereal or Gather, but such is not the point. Elsie’s rotating list of dreamy ice cream flavors includes fig with roasted almond and mascarpone, maple walnut and frutti di bosco with candied orange rind. No matter what you choose, your sweet tooth (and your Insta feed) will surely thank you. 667 Classon Avenue; Take-out window: 1031 Bergen St.; 718.717.8654.


2. Ice & Vice
In a city full of scoop shops, we’d thought we’d seen it all— donut ice cream sammies, avocado ice cream “toast,” macaron push-pops— that is until we discovered Lower East Side newcomer Ice & Vice. As if its espresso herringbone flooring and burnished stools weren’t enough to tip us off, the small, but meticulously crafted menu ensures this isn’t just any old parlor. Take “Shade,” a smoked dark chocolate with caramelized white chocolate ganache or “Three Little Pigs,” a salted caramel with bacon butter and bacon praline. “We recommend our Milk Money, a toasted milk ice cream with a sea salt chocolate ganache, and our 9AM, our take on the coffee-and-donut breakfast classic,” says owner Ken Lo. “Milk Money is the perfect balance of sweet and salty, while 9AM is made with a bold Vietnamese coffee ice cream (a combination of French Roast, chicory root and condensed milk) and features a donut truffle made in-house from crushed donuts, cream cheese and a white chocolate glaze.” 221 East Broadway; 646.678.3687.


3. Sprinkles
There’s something about ice cream and cake— ice cream on cake, ice cream in cake, ice cream cake— but unless you’re attending a family birthday party or enjoying a sit-down meal, this combo can be somewhat difficult to find. Not so at beloved cupcake bakery Sprinkles’ Upper East Side location— thanks to an adjoining scoop shop (it’s the city’s silent sleeper in our opinion), you’ll find creamy flavors like coconut fudge almond and butter pecan, all of which you can sandwich between a cupcake top and bottom aka the “Sprinkles Sundae.” Founder Candace Nelson is partial to one flavor in particular, “my favorite Sprinkles Ice Cream flavor is Rocky Road. Our chocolate ice cream is super rich and creamy, creating the perfect canvas for this classic treat.  We load crunchy toasted almonds and housemade bittersweet chocolate chips into this dense dark chocolate ice cream, but what really sets this flavor apart is ribbons of our fluffy, homemade marshmallow cream which is strewn throughout!” Rocky Road in a coffee cupcake? Go ahead, we won’t judge you. 780 Lexington Avenue; 212.207.8375.


4. Victory Garden
Serving soft serve made of goat’s milk, Victory Garden sources all of their ingredients from local New York farms (meaning no antibiotics or hormones). Founder Sophia Brittan became famous for her salted caramel and tangy goat milk varieties, but her rotating list of seasonal flavors are what always catch our attention. Right now, that’s an apricot saffron and a mixed mint. “Minty is my favorite; it’s so fresh and so real,” says Brittan. “I also love our honey rosemary!” Luckily, the shop just launched summer sundaes with gourmet toppings like hazelnut praline, sour cherry sauce, halva, pistachios and fresh fruit. 31 Carmine Street; 212.206.7273.


5. Better Ice Creamed
What’s better than ice cream? How about ice cream with NY’s most iconic treats for the mix-in’s? Taking custom cream to new heights, Mary Catherine Hughes recently launched Better Ice Creamed, a homemade frozen treat company, currently for personal order only. Turning everything from Magnolia Bakery’s banana pudding to Momofuku’s birthday cake truffles into ice cream (yes, we’re being serious), Better Ice Creamed proves that sometimes more is indeed more. “Nothing beats the summer heat like homemade ice cream. I can’t get enough of our sea salt brownie and cinnamon coffee cake flavors,” says Hughes. “Something about having my favorite treats in my ice cream just seems right.” We couldn’t agree more. $5 per 8 oz., $10 per pint, $25 per 2 custom flavor pints; E: [email protected].


6. Dominique Ansel Kitchen
NYC-based pastry chef Dominique Ansel should be the poster child for the phrase, “Do one thing and do it well.” His new West Village bakery is filled with ingenious sweets like blueberry brioche and lemon yuzu butter tarts so when it came time for his foray into frozen cream, we knew it’d be just as monumental. “I really love the texture of soft serve, but I always wished it had more flavor. Most soft serve is made with a mix or powder, but I wanted to use fresh ingredients to make simple, quality flavors that we all love,” says Ansel. “The first flavor we came up with was burrata because we wanted a vanilla alternative that was creamier and less sweet.” Here, it’s served with balsamic caramel, micro basil and a whole confit strawberry inside a honey tuile cone. “Then, I wanted to make a fun flavor for the kids too,” he explains. “Growing up, I loved the combination of chocolate and hazelnut so we created a gianduja ice cream with some hazelnut brittle on top and inside the cone for a little crunch. We finish it with a mist of orange blossom oil and some fine sea salt on top.” Both flavors are served at the soft serve window only, every Friday-Sunday from 12-9 pm. 137 7th Avenue South; 212.242.5111.


7. Milk Made
With the ever-growing research on pesticides and artificial ingredients, it’s hard to find the same bliss in our once-glorious bodega runs for a late-night pint. Thankfully for New Yorkers, there’s Diana Hardeman and MilkMade, her membership-based, bike-delivery creamery which uses all locally-sourced, organic and sustainable ingredients. Up until recently, Hardeman offered just two unique flavors per month (think blueberry with chocolate fondant, lavender pansy and cinnamon and burnt honey grapefruit), but with the opening of her first-ever brick-and-mortar tasting room in Cobble Hill, she’s able to keep quite a few more on hand. Her scoop of choice: “Our Cobbler Hill, a cinnamon sugar ice cream with fruit cobbler inside. We wanted to honor our new neighborhood in the best way we knew how— by making a flavor for them!” 204 Sackett St., Cobble Hill; 347.422.0879.


8. Milk Bar
Christina Tosi’s Milk Bar may take the cake for NY’s most notorious bakery (yes, pun intended) and not just because Tosi is the author of a top-selling cookbook and a now-permanent judge on Gordon Ramsay’s MasterChef either. Her treats remind you of childhood— funfetti birthday cake, apple pie and chocolate chip cookies— only they’re better, much better. Like her Cereal Milk soft serve: made with milk, cereal and brown sugar and topped with crushed cornflakes, it’s like your 7 year-old-self slurping from the bottom of your breakfast bowl all over again. New to all locations, Milk Bar just rolled out an extensive menu of Cereal Milk milkshakes too, including a birthday cake shake with blended birthday truffles inside and a chocolate malt cake shake with hot fudge and chocolate malt truffles. For those in need of a double dose of “up,” there are Cereal Milk affogatos made with Stumptown espresso too. Multiple NYC locations.


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