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We’re not sure about you, but we weren’t too sad to see 2016 go. More than ever, we felt ourselves craving a new chapter– be it personal, professional or other– and given the most recent, therapeutic-driven wellness trends, we’re feeling particularly inspired to start this new year off on the right foot. Granted, it’s a common sentiment this time of year– jokes surrounding the currently-packed gyms and short-lived “resolution crowds” are around for a reason– but, something about 2017 feels different: there’s a palpable push for self love. Whether you’re the kind of person who gravitates towards a kick-ass workout or you’re the kind who prefers to focus on a quieter, mental fortitude, this isn’t the year for competition or following fads; it’s about uncovering your personal wants, needs and dreams, and doing right by you, first. In fact, it might be the most freeing message to come out of the wellness and fitness realm yet. For our West Coast friends, we’ve broken down where and how to get involved in our favorite trends below, as well as uncovered the best beauty products from VIOLET GREY for total mind and body well-being.

Fit Pick  | Total Body Toning 


Sculpting via LEKFit; Karlie Kloss at ModelFit

When it comes to fitness, 2017 isn’t singing the praises of any singular routine (ie CrossFit, yoga or spin), but rather the focus is on a total body workout that uses a mash-up of disciplines to tone muscles and strengthen the body overall. Take LEKFit (MAP IT) for example, a Hancock Park studio teaching a unique program inspired by movements in ballet, jazz, burlesque and yoga. Developed by former professional dancer, Lauren Kleban, LEKFit’s method pairs intervals of low-impact, high-intensity cardio (think trampolines) with muscle-sculpting techniques (hand weights, squats, lunges) to lengthen and firm the body. Similarly, cult NYC studio ModelFit (MAP IT) opened its first West Coast location in WeHo just a few months ago, featuring its sculpt and dance cardio classes famously beloved by models like Karlie Kloss. The classes emphasize small, isometic movements using bands, sliding disks and weights to target each individual part (arms, abs, legs and butt). Strong is the new skinny.

Sweat It Out


1. Agent Nateur No. 3 Deodorant Holi(stick) ($19) is an aluminum-free, all-natural deodorant that uses a blend of coconut oil, avocado butter, lavender and eucalyptus to effectively, albeit safely fight B.O. 2. Y.S. Park 804 Pro Pins in Silver ($10) come in a sleek travel tin that’s as practical as the shiny silver pins are chic. 3. Sachajuan Dry Powder Shampoo ($35), a powder-based spray that does wonders to absorb oil post-workout and pre-shower.

Mind Over Matter | Meditation


Of course, the practice of meditation has been around for centuries, but it’s only just brushed the surface when it comes to inifiltrating the mainstream. Up until recently, the self-loving, mental exercise was reserved for still moments at home; however, with fans like CP alum Micaela Erlanger becoming more outspoken (not to mention, totally hooked) by the day, we won’t be surprised when urban meditation oases like LA’s The Den (MAP IT) or NYC’s MNDFUL (MAP IT) roll out in droves this year. In our non-stop, always-scrolling digital age, we could all stand to carve out thirty minutes of stillness; and, as Erlanger taught us, we’d likely be better for it.

Get Calm, Then Carry On


1. Pursoma Detox Bath ($34), an organic and wild-harvested blend of French sea salt and green clay designed to detox the body by stimulating circulation and encouraging sweat; it was sold to us for its ability to mimic the calming and cleansing effects of a sauna and we have to say we agree– we totally felt it. 2. 12.29 It Was All A Dream Candle ($150) is a candle inspired by new love; its notes of crisp white florals are mixed with a tinge of smoky oud for a dreamy, comforting scent 3. Sisley-Paris Nutritive Lip Balm ($74) combines hazelnut and plum oils with natural butters to calm and assuage chapped lips– what could be more mindful than taking care of your self (and your body) first?

What’s Old is New| Ayurveda


Spices used in Ayurveda massage; Emily Ratajkowski for Mario Testino

A traditional Hindu system of medicine, Ayurveda centers around a balanced body, mind and spirit through diet, herbal treatment and yogic breathing. Targeting problems via their opposites (for example, excess inner heat would be combatted through cooling herbs), the holistic process believes that every individual’s optimal health lies in their unique combination of Vata, Pitta and Kapha, the three doshas that make up our beings. While a Vata-driven person is a great communicator, he or she can be extremely anxiety prone; a Pitta personality is intelligent and athletic, but may be explosive or angry; and a Kapha-dominant person is loving and nurturing, but possibly needy and depressive. Ayurveda teaches that by knowing your own unique combination, you can control your health using a simple system of checks-and-balances. Though there are many facets of the practice, Ayurvedic spa therapy is an area that is becoming increasingly popular with more and more spas adding at least one type of “Ayurvedic massage” to their treatment options. Each massage uses a combination of herbs, spices and natural oils that are hyper-specific to the individual which means the treatments are more cathartic and beneficial than standard spa services. If we’ve peaked your interest, we highly recommend stopping in Spa Sophia on Abbot Kinney (MAP IT) for any of the beauty spot’s four Ayurvedic massages (including stress and sinus reliever, detoxifier and immunity booster options).

Clean and Calm


1. Pursoma Hot Tub Bath ($36), another bath mix, this version uses warming ginger to revitalize you when you’re feeling run down; its herb-and-spice base is especially helpful in relieving flu-like symptoms– perfect for this time of year. 2. Susanne Kaufmann Detox Oil Scrub ($172) uses poppy seeds to produce a massage effect, the scrub detoxifies and improves blood circulation while exfoliating and smoothing skin. 3. Tatcha Akari Gold Massager ($195) is inspired by Japanese acupressure; encouraged for daily, it releases tension and jumpstarts lymphatic cleansing.

Eat to Live, Live to Eat | One-Pot Cooking


“Gluten-free,” “paleo,” “primal”– there’s a million dietary key words out there these days, and although we’re not in the business of prescribing one or another (in fact, we whole-heartedly believe that diets aren’t “one size fits all;” instead, everyone should listen to their own bodies to determine what works for them), there is one ancient-rooted practice we’re keen on incorporating this year: one-pot cooking. A large part of Asian and Indian cultures especially, the art of slow-cooking in spices and nutrient-dense broths isn’t only satisfying to the senses, but it’s deeply nourishing for our insides, too. Of course, LA’s food scene isn’t exactly new to bowl-centric meals or Southeast Asian influences (restaurants like Baroo and Little Sister are more popular than ever), but Pasadena newcomer Bone Kettle (MAP IT) promises to bring its one-pot cooking back to tradition: focusing on the healing benefits of bone broth. Not only will the restaurant’s menu consist of broth-based dishes, but it will sell broth to-go cups for use at home. Among its therapeutic properties, bone broth is known to heal and promote gut health, strengthen bones and joints, improve sleep and energy, and boost immunity.

Nourish– Inside & Out


1. Philip Kingsley Trichotherapy Regime ($215), a three-step regimen that promotes scalp and hair health from the inside out: the detangling spray reduces breakage and improves fullness in thinning hair; the daily scalp treatment cleanses hair roots and scalp while volumizing; and a mask full of vitamins and minerals aids in new growth. 2. Tatcha Classic Rice Enyzme Powder ($65) rids the face of dull, dry skin thanks to natural enzymes from rice bran and papaya and the brand’s unique Hadasei-3 Bioactive Complex exfoliate. 3. In Fiore Fleur Vibrante Healing Floral Essence/Face Balm Concentré ($95) is an all-natural, aromatic face balm that nourishes the skin while providing anti-aging benefits (specifically, its seabuckthorn berry base protects against environmental aggressors while vitamin E neutralizes free radicals, and calendula and jasmine flower detox, promote collagen and boost circulation); when used in conjunction with the aforementioned Rice Enzyme Powder, we noticed a huge difference in the noticeability of fine lines and our overall skin glow. CP


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