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Jessica Joffe

Style Editor, Diane von Furstenberg

| Upper East Side

How does one come to be Diane von Furstenberg’s right-hand lady? Well, we’re pretty sure a background in modeling, acting and writing (not to mention a mega-social calendar) doesn’t hurt. At 5’ 11” with fiery red hair and ice blue eyes, DVF’s Style Editor Jessica Joffe is the kind of woman who commands a double-take. Ultra-talented and genuinely hilarious, she’s also the kind of woman you’d want as your best friend— no wonder von Furstenberg was smitten. Living in Munich, London, Paris and now New York, Joffe graced the pages of Vogue, L’Officiel and ELLE before settling into her new gig at DVF where she lends her voice on all things de rigueur (think on-trend styling tips, quippy interviews and insider exposés on the hottest parties in town). Here, she sits down with CITIPHILE to reveal her little black book on NYC.

NEIGHBORHOOD STANDBY: I love how resolutely reactionary my neighborhood is which means some of my favorite places are the ones that have been around since the dawn of mankind: I love Viand (MAP IT, x) for fresh and modern deli dishes, Donohue’s (MAP IT, x) for the décor, Amaranth (MAP IT, BOOK IT, x) (where everything excluding the chicken tastes like chicken), Burger Joint (MAP IT, x) for the… burgers, Le Charlot (MAP IT, x) for the 90’s, E.A.T. (MAP IT, x) for those moments when I can’t live without a $25 turkey sandwich and Sasabune (MAP IT, x) for when I want to be yelled at by my waiter.

COFFEE OR TEA: I drink coffee, but I prefer tea. The best cup of fresh mint tea served in a white jacket is to be had at Cipriani (MAP IT, x).

ALL-TIME FAVORITE RESTAURANT: For comfort and familiarity, I like Raoul’s (MAP IT, BOOK IT, x) and Omen (MAP IT, x). I always order the steak at Raoul’s and the house salad, agedashi, shiso rice and mountains of ginger ice cream at Omen.

COCKTAIL DE LA NUIT: I’m not big on cocktails. I like a martini, and if you give specific instructions, most places will turn out a serviceable rendition of one.

MUSIC PICK: My favorite kind of music is somewhere on the spectrum between Johnny Hartman and Mobb Deep. I haven’t yet found a place that caters to my needs, but Arthur Fournier is an excellent DJ with the finest taste in music who occasionally graces Paul’s Baby Grand (MAP IT, x) with his presence.

BEST BRUNCH: I find the activity of going to brunch singularly unpleasant but if I had to (under, say, the threat of death), I’d go to the local diner and order a stack of pancakes with a side of bacon.

BEST PEOPLE WATCHING: The subways of New York.

GUILTY PLEASURE: Pleasure is rarely guilty for me, but I do like to eat buckets of ice cream from Via Quadronno (MAP IT, x).

REGULAR AT: I’m a fairly regular guest at Equinox (MAP IT, x) and Exhale (MAP IT, x). The only thing that keeps me coming back is my enormous appetite and the attendant ramifications.

DELIVERY GO-TO: 2nd Avenue Deli (MAP IT, x)— Chicken noodle soup, pickles and a huge sandwich.

CLOSET CHECK: My style is practical, undecided and excitable. I work above one of my favorite stores in NY (DVF, duh) but on the whole, shopping fills me with the same dread as brunching does. The best store in NY that no longer exists was Smylon Nylon, an amazing vintage and dead stock institution that disappeared from the NY landscape along with the 20th Century.

ACCESSORIES PICK: For bags, my favorite are DVF envelope clutches for evening and DVF backpacks for day. For jewelry, I love Irene Neuwirth for classic life-long pieces, Fallon for cool-kid vibes, Melroso for whimsical and pretty, and David Webb (MAP IT, x) for statements. Shoes… are just a problem.

BEST HOST/HOSTESS GIFTS: Best hostess gifts can usually be found in my kitchen. I make jam and ply people with it.

BEAUTY BLACK BOOK: Best facial: Face Place (MAP IT, x). Best massage: Jay at J’Spa (MAP IT, x).

ULTIMATE NY MOMENT: Every moment in New York is special. The peculiar alchemy of this city will ensure that. And lately, filming House of DVF with all of the girls, I feel like I am experiencing the city for the first time on their behalf… CP

Jessica’s New York

From L to R: First Row: Bread from E.A.T.; Burger Joint burger; Martini at Raoul’s; Melroso jewelry. Second Row: Joffe; Fallon jewelry; Sandwich at E.A.T.; Joffe’s cat.


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