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Brendan Monaghan

Publisher and VP of Luxury, T Magazine

| Tribeca

Between a high-profile position at The New York Times, hair cuts over cocktails and a signature on-menu dish at Greenwich Village gem Il Cantinori, we’re not sure it gets much more “New York” than Brendan Monaghan. After eleven years at GQ and two at Vogue, Monaghan joined The Times’ T Magazine as publisher, a title that has him in constant contact with the glossy’s biggest fashion accounts including Chanel, Prada, Céline and Ralph Lauren. As for his well-edited social media accounts, they’re just as sharp as his personal style (a by-product of his GQ days no doubt), teeming with on-point finds like Louis Vuitton ashtrays and Hermès dice. He’s quintessential Manhattan… to a T. Here, Monaghan sits down with CITIPHILE to reveal his little black book on NYC.

COFFEE OR TEA: Coffee at Kaffe 1668 (MAP IT, x). It’s the freshest cup of coffee in the city in the chicest environment.

ALL-TIME FAVORITE RESTAURANT: Il Cantinori (MAP IT, BOOK IT, x) is, and always has been, my favorite restaurant in the city. I actually have a chicken dish named after me on the menu: Pollo alla Brendan— I have to say, it’s delicious.

COCKTAIL DE LA NUIT: A cucumber martini (cut with lime juice instead of a sweetener) at my other favorite restaurant, The Red Cat (MAP IT, BOOK IT, x). I also love sitting at the bar at White Hall (*Location now closed) and chatting with Brian McGrory (one of the owners there). He just introduced me to my new favorite Rioja—he knows how much I love red wine.

MUSIC PICK: I really love an eclectic mix. Dylan Prime (*Location now closed) always has the best music playing, believe it or not; I Shazam up a storm in there.

BEST BRUNCH: Sitting at the bar at Morandi (MAP IT, BOOK IT, x) for a bibb salad and some meatballs.

BEST PEOPLE WATCHING: This is a tough one— I would say The Lambs Club (MAP IT, BOOK IT, x) or Michael’s (MAP IT, BOOK IT, x) for lunch are good ones.

HEALTHY STAPLE: Lure (MAP IT, BOOK ITx) for some sushi wrapped in cucumber.

GUILTY PLEASURE:The burgers at BLT Steak (MAP IT, BOOK IT, x) are incredible (as is their popover bread to start)!

NY’S BEST-KEPT SECRET: Not sure how much of a secret it is, but a restaurant that I hope to never forget is Wallsé (MAP IT, BOOK IT, x)— some of the best dining in this great city.

FIRST THING I MISS WHEN I’M AWAY: The street-culture. In no other city can you see so much style and substance just by walking around on the streets—for the most part, you’re trapped in your car everywhere else you go.

REGULAR AT: Il Cantinori (sit in the front room and ask for Domenico as your waiter), The Red Cat (at the bar only), Lambs Club for lunch (by the fireplace in the winter please!) and I’m most excited about becoming a regular at the new Polo Bar on 5th Avenue (MAP IT, BOOK IT, x); I’ve been waiting for THAT for a long time.

DATE NIGHT STANDBY: The Red Cat at the bar. It’s the perfect spot because you can get close and cozy up.

DELIVERY GO-TO: I hate to say it, but Empire Szechuan (*Location now closed) is a big guilty pleasure.  It’s not the fanciest, and maybe not even the best, but it’s a go-to on a cold, rainy Sunday evening.

CLOSET CHECK: I would say I mix three brands the most: vintage/heritage-inspired Gucci, Brunello Cucinelli suits and Suit Supply (an incredibly well-priced, but beautiful brand). I’ve found some great vintage stuff at J. Crew’s Liquor Store (MAP IT, x) too and I love the Thom Browne store in Tribeca (MAP IT, x) which is right around the corner from my place.

BEST BOUTIQUE: I would take absolutely anything from MONC XIII (MAP IT, x)— my favorite store in the Hamptons. I want everything in there.

BEST HOST/HOSTESS GIFTS: A bottle of Dom Perignon is appreciated by all.

GROOMING BLACK BOOK: Martial Vivot at his salon in Midtown (MAP IT, x). He only cuts men’s hair, but he is the best in the city and you can have a cocktail while you get your hair cut… got to love that!

FIT PICK:  I am a big stair climber. I stair climb a ton at Equinox in Tribeca (MAP IT, x). I’m thinking about doing the Empire State Building climb, but I’ve been threatening to do that for years now…

ULTIMATE NY MOMENT: I think my “NY” moments don’t actually happen in New York, but everywhere else. I was recently in St. Barths and I met a handful of people that I had never met before and I couldn’t believe I hadn’t. There are just countless stories of how the city is so big, and yet so very small (which isn’t necessarily always a good thing!). What it always reminds me of, however, is how privileged we are to live in the best city in the world. CP

Brendan’s New York

From L to R: First Row: Coffee from Kaffe 1668; Smoked salmon at Wallsé; The Lamb’s Club; J. Crew Liquor Store. Second Row: Inside Lure Fishbar; Plates at Morandi; Inside Il Cantinori; Gucci menswear.


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