Photography by Trevor Smith

Dawn and Samantha Goldworm

Co-Founders, 12.29

| Flatiron

To quote fragrance doyen Jean-Paul Guerlain, “A fragrance becomes successful when a man falls in love with a woman who is wearing it.” In other words, what we smell and how it makes us feel can be a pretty powerful thing— take, for example, the comfort we attach to our morning coffee, the intimacy with a partner or the peace from home… if only we could identify our favorite designers in much the same way— “Ah, tobacco and cinnamon… my Proenza Schouler mules must be near! (OK fine, maybe not quite like that). The ladies behind olfactive branding company 12.29, twin sisters Dawn and Samantha Goldworm create custom, one-of-a-kind scents for boldface names like Prabal Gurung, Jason Wu, Zac Posen and Rodarte (the latter’s S/S ’10 runway show was the Goldworm’s first major project). They’ve scented fashion events, stores and stationery, not to mention dreamt up the aromas for some of our absolute favorite getaways (think the oceanic fruitiness of Montauk’s beloved Surf Lodge and the wet floral notes of Miami’s Art Basel). One day, we’ll work our way up to our very own 12.29 scent joining the likes of Kate Moss, Heidi Klum and the Beckhams, but until then (hey, we could become mega-famous, right?), we’ll scent our homes with their signature candles… You should too, but that’s just our two scents. Here, the Goldworms sit down with CITIPHILE to reveal their little black books on NYC.

NEIGHBORHOOD STANDBY: D: ABC Kitchen (MAP IT, BOOK IT, x) or ABC Cocina (MAP IT, BOOK IT, x). At Kitchen, I love the carrot and avocado salad and the kale salad (best in the city— the lemon-jalapeño-parmesan dressing is sublime). At Cocina, the guacamole has the perfect texture, the griddle fish tacos are like being on the beach in Tulum and the charred octopus is perfectly cooked.
S: ABC Cocina. I love the easy vibe and the food is fresh and tasty; the fish tacos are my weakness.

COFFEE OR TEA: D: I’m most definitely a tea drinker, but when I’m craving coffee, I get a decaf cappuccino at Eataly (MAP IT, x); it’s the closest thing to Rome in NYC.
S: A friend from Seattle actually introduced me to the best coffee shops in NYC. Lately, I’ve been loving Toby’s Estate in the West Village (MAP IT, x)— great coffee, no milk or sugar needed!

ALL-TIME FAVORITE RESTAURANT: D: I’m obsessed with EN Japanese Brasserie (MAP IT, BOOK IT, x). Their homemade tofu is exactly how it should be— I have converted even the most tofu-resistant to its lovely texture. They also serve Taketsuru 21 which is a rare and phenomenal Japanese whiskey.
S: Minetta Tavern (MAP IT, BOOK IT, x) before and after Keith McNally. The burgers are to die for and the coconut cake is a must!

COCKTAIL DE LA NUIT: D: Scotch, neat— preferably Japanese (Hibiki or Taketsuru) at EN or Brandy Library (MAP IT, x).
S: Tequila on the rocks with lime. If I’m craving something different or unique, Alan at The Peninsula Hotel Rooftop (MAP IT, x) makes the tastiest drinks!

AFTER-WORK HAPPY HOUR: D: ABC Cocina is great for a margarita and some guacamole on a Friday.

S: Bondst (MAP IT, BOOK IT, x), downstairs. We’ve been going there for years— lychee martinis!

BEST MUSIC: S: Arthur’s Tavern (MAP IT, x)— it’s a NYC staple. Sweet Georgia Brown kills it!

BEST BRUNCH: D: David Burke Kitchen (MAP IT, BOOK IT, x). I like to sit in the rooftop garden in the summer.
S: In SoHo, I like Little Prince (MAP IT, BOOK IT, x). In the East Village, Café Mogador (MAP IT, x) is my all-time favorite.

BEST PEOPLE WATCHING: D: The Standard Grill (MAP IT, BOOK IT, x) during NYFW.
S: Agreed. Also, Freds at Barneys (MAP IT, BOOK IT, x).

HEALTHY STAPLE: D: Juice Press (MAP IT, x) for the “Love of Kale” salad and a ginger shot.
S: Juice Press for a marinated kale salad and aloe water.

GUILTY PLEASURE: D: Croissants from Maison Kayser (MAP IT, x).
S: L.A. Burdick’s (MAP IT, x) dark almond milk hot chocolate.

NY’S BEST-KEPT SECRET: D: The Bronx Botanical Garden Orchid Show (MAP IT).
S: Da Umberto (MAP IT, BOOK IT, x)— incredible food, dark and romantic.

FIRST THING I MISS WHEN I’M AWAY: D: The smell and energy.
S: The food and energy and, of course, Postmates.

REGULAR AT: D: Jivamukti Yoga (MAP IT, BOOK IT, x). I’ve been going there for 13 years; it’s my moment of peace. Take class with Rima (x).
S: I have followed Rima Rabbath at Jivamukti Yoga for years; she has changed my life both physically and spiritually.

DATE NIGHT STANDBY: D: Mercer Kitchen (MAP IT, BOOK ITx). It’s intimate, but also has a good social scene for people watching.
S: My fiancé and I love El Parador (MAP IT, BOOK IT, x). It’s a hidden spot with amazing margaritas and yummy food.

DELIVERY GO-TO: D: Tamarind (MAP IT, ORDER IT, x) via Postmates or Wild Ginger (MAP IT, ORDER IT, x) via Seamless.
S: Coppelia Latin Diner (MAP IT, ORDER IT, x) or Red Farm (MAP IT, x).

CLOSET CHECK: D: My style is feminine, romantic and sensual with a bit of texture. I like the hidden vintage stores in the Marais in Paris for dresses, Saint Laurent for shoes, Live The Process for work-out gear and my mom’s vanity for jewelry. Jennifer Fisher also has great custom jewelry.
S: I’d say my style is comfortable, classic, chic and simple. I love borrowing from my sister and stealing button-downs and cashmere from my fiancé. I’m usually wearing something leather— whether it be a bag, pumps or a skirt. Red lipstick tends to finish off my look. INA (MAP IT, x) has a great selection for consignment buys. American Two Shot (MAP IT, x) has fun, cool pieces and Barneys (MAP IT, x) has everything!

TO GET INSPIRED: D: I find the most inspiration in music, poetry and memories. I like to visit the Bronx Botanical Garden, the New York City Ballet (MAP IT, x) and The Met (MAP IT, x).
S: I walk into my sister’s office. She is always working on something amazing.

TWO SCENTS: D: Wear your scent on your hairline at the back of your neck. As you move your head, your hair will naturally help to diffuse the perfume.
S: My sister has taught me that you must spend time “living with your scent” before you commit; wear it for a few days and see if you fall in love with it!

BEST HOME DÉCOR: D: I’m drawn to white, collectable and precious. I collect things on my travels— throws from Morocco, porcelain from Limoges, tea sets from China, incense from Mexico, etc. ABC Carpet & Home (MAP IT, x) has a good selection of home décor too.
S: I prefer clean, contemporary pieces with modern touches. I love 1st Dibs.

BEST HOST/HOSTESS GIFTS: D: Our office closet— 12.29 candles.
S: 12.29 candles! They look and smell amazing— perfect for any home or occasion.

BEAUTY BLACK BOOK: D: Victoria (x) at Whittemore House (MAP IT, x)— she’s the best colorist.
S: Larry (x) and Victoria at Whittemore House— the best salon in the city.

FIT PICK: D: I do Vinyasa, Bikram and Aerial yoga. Try Rima at Jivamukti and Luke at Bikram NYC (MAP IT, x).
S: I like Flywheel (MAP IT, x) and Equinox (MAP IT, x) is my fallback when I need a quick workout.

ULTIMATE NY MOMENT: D: The short film that Samantha and I did years ago for the Avant Garde Diaries was shot partly in the Bronx Botanical Gardens during the Orchid Show. Those moments walking through the many varieties of orchids surrounded by children, tourists, flower enthusiasts and botanists alike felt very New York— everything was fresh, alive and cultivated, all the while crowded, busy and loud. I loved every minute of it.
S: We scented the Lady Gaga perfume launch party at the Guggenheim a few years back— working with the Guggenheim, an amazing production team and an iconic New York artist felt like a very special moment. CP

Dawn & Samantha’s New York

From L to R: First Row: LA Burdick hot chocolate; Jennifer Fisher jewelry; Inside EN Brasserie; Whiskey on the rocks. Second Row: Accessories from American Two Shot; Inside Mercer Kitchen; The Goldworm sisters; Croissants from Maison Kayser.


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