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Cory Kennedy


| East Village

Has scrolling through your Instagram feed ever sent you into a full-on day dream over what you’re life would be like if you woke up one day and were suddenly famous just for being you? (Hey, if Kim K & Co. could do it, why can’t you?) Well, that’s more or less what happened to Cory Kennedy, a Santa Monica 15 year-old who happened to catch the eye of a budding photographer (Cobrasnake) at a Blood Brothers concert and within three years, had graced the pages of Nylon, appeared in a Good Charlotte music video and had her picture on display alongside Brigid Berlin’s at The Andy Warhol Museum (a retrospective that paired Warhol’s infamous superstars with modern cyber-celebrities). Of course, the problem with these “people-like-us-turned-celebrity” success stories is that, in reality, these people are nothing like us. In Kennedy’s case, meet her and it’s impossible not to pick up what she’s putting down— namely, the kind of captivating, cool kid vibes we could only ever dream were our modus operandi. She has doe eyes and a coquettish sweetness that rival Jane Birkin’s, a subversive spirit not unlike Patti Smith’s and a fearless self-confidence that feels distinctly her own… Like we said, she’s nothing like us. So sure, Cobrasnake may have fueled Kennedy’s It-Girl status, inspiring gals like Lindsay Lohan to hit up a then-17-year-old Kennedy for girl dates at The Chateau Marmont (yes, really), but we’re pretty sure it was only a matter of time before she caught the world’s eye. Now calling NY’s East Village “home,” Kennedy sits down with CITIPHILE to reveal her little black book on NYC.

NEIGHBORHOOD STANDBY: Dimes (MAP ITx). Honestly, you cant go wrong with any dish there, but try the Dimes Caesar and the black rice bowl. The food is very clean and the space is one of my favorite modern interiors (it has awesome flower arrangements). I’d recommend making a reservation because it’s a tiny restaurant and it’s always full.

COFFEE OR TEA: Tea from Hi-Collar (MAP ITx), a cute Japanese coffee-and-tea bar by day and sake bar by night. It reminds me of a quaint tea spot [I visited] in Tokyo which served cute, crustless sandwiches and played great jazz.

ALL-TIME FAVORITE RESTAURANT: The Musket Room (MAP ITBOOK ITx)– to get the full experience, order the chef’s tasting (it changes seasonally)!

COCKTAIL DE LA NUIT: Personally, I’m not someone who drinks cocktails often, but when I do, I’m going to say I go to The Musket Room or Little Branch (MAP ITx).

DINNER WITH FRIENDS: Kiki’s (MAP ITx), a Greek spot in Chinatown.

WHERE TO BRING OUT-OF-TOWNERS: Neue Galerie (MAP ITx) and its  restaurant, Café Sabarsky (MAP ITx).

MUSIC PICK: I love most music; I have been working with musicians and bands since I was 17, and I still deejay from time to time. This East Village pub, St. Dymphna’s (MAP IT, x), has a good playlist. Also, Baby’s All Right in Williamsburg (MAP ITx) is a venue I frequent for friends’ live shows.

BEST BRUNCH: Brunch in NY is always hectic! Café Mogador (MAP ITx) is a classic spot for me; I’ve been going there for 10 years. Five Leaves in Greenpoint (MAP ITx) is a go-to as well.

BEST PEOPLE WATCHING: Sitting outside at Sant Ambroeus in SoHo (MAP ITBOOK ITx).


GUILTY PLEASURE: Anything Italian– Prince Street Pizza in Nolita (MAP ITx) works.

REGULAR AT: In Chinatown, The Metrograph (MAP ITx) is an amazing cinema and so is its restaurant, Commissary. They show the most incredible old (and new) films– most in 35mm.

DATE NIGHT STANDBY: Lil’ Frankie’s (MAP ITBOOK ITx)– it’s super close to my apartment, casual and I have been going there for years.

DELIVERY GO-TO: Rubirosa (MAP ITBOOK ITx) for tie-dye pizza.

GO-TO GETAWAY: The Grand Dutchess near Rhinebeck (MAP IT, x). Hands-down, it’s my favorite bed and breakfast.

TO SEE AND BE SEEN: Art openings.

TO RELAX AND UNWIND: CAP Beauty in the West Village (MAP ITx).

CLOSET CHECK: My style is relaxed and eclectic. I love to shop at The Apartment by The Line (MAP ITx). The Vintage Twin (MAP ITx) has the best vintage tee shirts and Levi jeans.


BEAUTY BLACK BOOK: Bumble and Bumble in the Meatpacking District (MAP ITx). Ask for Mai for color!

ULTIMATE NY MOMENT: Everyday is pretty special and surreal in NYC. Personally, I try to remember to just stop and appreciate all of the reasons why I moved here (like the people, the culture and the pace)! CP

Cory’s New York

From L to R: First Row: Inside Dimes; Womenswear from Apartment by The Line; Florals at Dimes; Dinner at Kiki’s. Second Row: Prince Street Pizza; Inside The Musket Room; Cap Beauty face mask; Inside Neue Gallery.


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