Photography by William Ross

Erin Walsh and Christian Hogstedt

Stylist and Photographer

| Tribeca

What happens when a seriously cool celebrity stylist marries a gifted fashion photographer, then invites us into their home? Magic— at least to us anyways. Husband-and-wife duo Christian Hogstedt and Erin Walsh share a whole lot of things, but best among them has to be their incredible eye. Walsh, whose fashion career began with the humblest of beginnings— i.e. a dream post at Vogue assisting Phyllis Posnick— has since dressed mega-stars like Sarah Jessica Parker, Kerry Washington, Leslie Mann and Gyllenhaal sibs, Maggie and Jake. She’s also collaborated with photo legends like Guy Aroch, Benny Horne and fellow CITIPHILES Inez & Vinoodh, though her projects working alongside her husband, Christian Hogstedt, may be the most sweet. The former right-hand of lens legend Mario Testino, Hogstedt’s training is no less starry, nor is his body of work (think subjects like Hilary Rhoda, Josephine Skriver and the aforementioned SJP). It follows, then, that their shared Tribeca loft be a magnum opus of aesthetics. If nothing else, the airy bohemian space feels like a good indicator that their new collaboration, a digital journal set to debut this spring, is bound to strike pure editorial gold. Here, the couple sits down with CITIPHILE to reveal their little black book on NYC.

NEIGHBORHOOD STANDBY: We love The Odeon (MAP IT, BOOK IT, x)— classic, good food, good people and good lighting; good lighting is very important. Christian is obsessed with the chicken dumplings and I love their tuna burger. We love Little Prince (MAP IT, BOOK ITx) as well! The burger at Little Prince is insane.

COFFEE OR TEA: COFFEE!! And lots of it… We like La Colombe (MAP IT, x) and Sant Ambroeus (MAP IT, BOOK IT, x)— La Colombe is responsible for the legal crack known as “an iced Red Eye” (black coffee with a shot of espresso) that allowed me to function when I was pretending to be a human being right after Matilda was born and Sant Ambroeus makes the most delightful cappuccino.

ALL-TIME FAVORITE RESTAURANT: We love The Waverly Inn (MAP IT, BOOK IT, x) becase we had our city wedding in their back garden— it’s just so cozy and romantic. Balthazar (MAP IT, BOOK ITx) is the best, and again, has good lighting! It’s a recurring theme… We could eat their steak-frites and steak tartare endlessly. Oh, and the oysters…

COCKTAIL DE LA NUIT: A dirty martini with olives— gin for Christian, vodka for me. Cafe Cluny (MAP IT, BOOK IT, x) makes an amazing filthy martini. Mr. Chow‘s martini (MAP ITBOOK IT, x) is pretty much perfection. For an awesome bartender, go to the The Edition Hotel (MAP IT, x) and find their bartender, Cody Darbe— he is one of the most delightful individuals you will ever come across (and he has a delicious mohawk).

POWER LUNCH: Cafe ClunySoHo House (MAP IT, x) or The Greenwich Hotel (MAP IT, x).

AFTER-WORK HAPPY HOUR: We don’t get to happy hour much these days, but we do like Grand Banks (MAP IT, x) in season (mid-spring to mid-fall)Smith & Mills (MAP IT, x) is nice too.

BEST BRUNCH: Locanda Verde (MAP IT, BOOK IT, x) is really, really great, but tends to get really, really crowded. Everything there is amazing, especially the pancakes.

BEST PEOPLE WATCHING: Christopher Street. At one point, I lived on Christopher and Washington, right where the Pride Parade ends so that was fun for people watching. There is definitely good people watching at the pier at the end of Christopher. Also, if you can lie down on one of the recliners on The High Line, that’s always good too.

HEALTHY STAPLE: Birdbath (MAP IT, x) for a mix of their salads— they usually do some kind of kale and wheat pasta salad. Gotan (MAP IT, x) has an amazing tuna salad with a poached egg.

GUILTY PLEASURE: Christian is completely obsessed with burgers and has been known to frequent Five Guys (MAP IT), Black Burger (*Location now closed), and (dare I say it) McDonald’s whenever he is left to his own devices. He also loves the lobster roll from the Red Hook Lobster truck on Chambers and Greenwich Streets (MAP IT, x).

NY’S BEST-KEPT SECRET: Hmm, I love Charles Lane. It’s a really tiny street in the West Village that isn’t really a secret, but it’s really cute. Bookbook (MAP IT, x) and Casa Magazines (MAP IT, x)— the gentleman there remembers everyone’s favorites and guilty pleasures— are great shops! Right down the street from us is Mmuseumm (MAP IT, x), the world’s tiniest museum; look it up! It’s literally a small closet and it is very cute; we stumbled upon it and thought it was a joke. Also, New York doormen— the doormen in my old building on Horatio Street knew everyone’s secrets.


REGULAR AT: La Colombe pretty much every day, a few times a day. The Greenwich Hotel— the spa, Locanda Verde, their garden and café. I’m obsessed with the hotel. We wanted to make a version of Eloise with Matilda at The Greenwich Hotel— it has yet to happen, but we do like the joint. And the spa does pre and post-natal massages that are heaven; they do yoga classes as well which are pretty great. Dashwood Books (MAP IT, x) is another regular stop; Christian is probably there for every book release or signing. And Sunrise Mart (MAP IT, x) for sushi snacks.

DATE NIGHT STANDBY: Well, they put in a jazz bar, The Django (x) at The Roxy Hotel (MAP IT, x) which is really cute and very close, so that’s perfect; they have live music every night. Marc Forgione (MAP IT, BOOK IT, x) is a great date spot and they have the best chicken ever; Tiny’s (MAP ITBOOK ITx) does awesome cocktails as well (I think I recall one with lavender?) and SoHo House.

DELIVERY GO-TO: Tataki (MAP IT, x) and Takahachi (MAP IT, x)!

TO ESCAPE AND UNWIND: Aire Ancient Baths (MAP IT, x)! I wish we visited more often, but hands-down, it wins. They have a four-hand massage— can you imagine? Plus, all of the pools— there’s no other place like it.

CLOSET CHECK: We’re both classic with a twist— we wear a lot of black and white. Christian has a Superman-style closet of white tee shirts, black jeans and black blazers. I kind of have a version of that mixed with ’70s minimal and granny-chic pieces. I love Isabel Marant (MAP IT, x) and NY Vintage (MAP IT, x); Steven Alan (MAP IT, x) has a fantastic selection, as does Kirna Zabete (MAP IT, x). I end up at What Goes Around Comes Around (MAP IT, x) fairly often, even if I can’t buy very much. NY Vintage truly has the most insanely curated vintage collection; I would shout that from the rooftops. We like the Best Made Co. store on our street (MAP IT, x) too.

ACCESSORIES PICK: Well, we love Fred Leighton (MAP IT, x), period; it is a very special place. Clic is great too.

BEST HOME DÉCOR: Our interiors are probably minimal bohemian? But that sounds fairly pretentious. I think a lot about texture variety and we like to decorate with things from our travels— rugs from Peru, skins from Buenos Aires. Christian is way more traveled than I am because he lived out of a plane for 10 years before we met. Our home is clean and minimal with bits of whimsy. Christian made a table out of stacks of magazines with a piece of glass from the trash room— that was just out of necessity and we love it. Jonathan Adler (MAP IT, x) is fantastic and has incredibly unique pieces (the owner is the loveliest man). We tend to like streamlined things with random pieces mixed in.

BEST HOST/HOSTESS GIFTS: John Derian (MAP IT, x)— 100 percent, everything in there. I could go broke very quickly.

BEAUTY BLACK BOOK: Serge Normant (MAP IT, x)’s Gina Gilbert for color (x) and DJ Quintero (x) for cuts  when I can make it; I tend to get delinquent with things like that. Quenton Barnette (x) cuts Christian’s hair. Joanna Vargas (MAP IT, x) for facials.

FIT PICK: We both joined the Crunch a block away (MAP IT, x) because we needed something close now that our schedules revolve around Matilda, but I love to mix in classes— Tracy Anderson (MAP IT, BOOK ITx), Bari (MAP IT, BOOK ITx) (their bounce class is great; Jenny is the best teacher), Lyons Den Yoga (MAP IT, BOOK ITx) and Body by Simone (MAP IT, BOOK ITx). I love to mix things like dance cardio and yoga and try to fit in stretching at home every day at least. Getting my blood circulating helps me function— it really helps to manage stress and think more clearly. I have been known to do yoga and weird dance moves with Matilda crawling around me… I am sure that looks interesting. Christian likes to pound his knees and will work out kind of like a snake: go hard for a session and then forget about it for a few days.

ULTIMATE NY MOMENT: We got engaged and married on the roof of our old building on 10th Street and Greenwich Avenue— our civil wedding was at sunset in front of a few close friends and family and it was magic. It was a chilly night in October and we all walked to The Waverly Inn afterwards. [On another note] right after I moved here at 17 years old, I once gave a stranger $60 (pretty much all my money at the time) because he told me I was selected as one of New York’s 25 most beautiful women— how embarrassing; I never saw that write up. CP

Erin and Christian’s New York

From L to R: First Row: Café Cluny; Fries from The Odeon; Happy hour at The Greenwich Hotel; Steven Alan womenswear. Second Row: La Colombe iced coffee; Inside The EDITION Hotel; Django at The Roxy; Oysters at Smith & Mills.


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