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We gallivanted down The High Line with the Baja boys (in “chainz” we might add), we came face-to-face with LA’s chicest treehouse (Jessica de Ruiter’s blonde wood bungalow is the stuff of grown-up dreams) and we’ll learn (hint: just wait for Monday) that nothing– err, almost nothing– unites sisters quite like vintage shopping– just ask stylist duo Marielou and Chloe Bartoli. Of course, we can’t forget our tête-à-tête with NY designer Prabal Gurung either, who, after crawling outside of his office window, then ushering us to do the same, taught us a little bit about Nepal in Manhattan. Quite simply, it’s all in a month’s work, no? Below, it’s all of June’s best recommendations right here, right now.


Clockwise From L to R: Inside Jeni's Splendid Ice Creams, Los Feliz; Blood orange parfait at Life Food Organic; Fried Chicken "Sandwiches" at

Clockwise From L to R: Inside Jeni’s Splendid Ice Creams, Los Feliz; Blood orange parfait at Life Food Organic; Fried Chicken “Sandwiches” at Croft Alley.

Diner Done Right | Croft Alley; LA
*Recommended by Jessica de Ruiter
In theory, there’s nothing more appealing than a good diner: easy, familiar comfort food in a casual setting– we’ll take a solid salad or sandwich any day– and yet, sadly, so many of them disappoint (ahem, abundant grease and terrible coffee). Not so with WeHo’s Croft Alley, which after being introduced to the low-key café by Jessica de Ruiter earlier this month, we were delighted to learn is serving some of the best daytime food around. de Ruiter is a self-proclaimed fan of the neighborhood spot’s kale salad (a healthy mélange of mint, shallots and sliced cucumber), but there’s certainly a little something for everyone– whether that be an avo-scramble, tuna melt or suped-up grilled cheese (Croft Alley does theirs with cauliflower, béchamel and fontina). On the weekends, brunch favorites are available with a twist: think banana waffles with berries, prosciutto breakfast sammies and a yuzu-jalapeño shashuka. (MAP IT)

Himalayan Heaven | Mustang Thakali Kitchen; NYC
*Recommended by Prabal Gurung
Specializing in “Nepalese/Himalayan” cuisine, Mustang Thakali Kitchen may just be the most exotic kitchen to hit Queens, and according to Nepal-native Prabal Gurung, it’s worth every bit of the uptown pilgrimage. The restaurant is known for its traditional “thali,” or platters of stewed protein (goat, fish or chicken), rice, vegetables, pickles and lentil soup, as well as its various “momo,” or noodle dumplings. On the menu, rice and potatoes certainly make themselves known– the latter being boiled in ghee and served with chutney when at its best. The restaurant isn’t your average date night which makes it the perfect summer evening adventure. (MAP IT)

Keepin’ It Raw | Life Food Organic; LA
*Recommended by Marielou and Chloe Bartoli
If you’re in the business of keepin’ it real– err, raw– there are few other places as appetizing, albeit healthy as Life Food Organic. “We order the super smoothie and one of their delicious raw vegan salads,” the Bartoli sisters tell us of the health food café. Chia bowls, veggie burritos and nut cheeses abound (most famously in their vegan lasagna), though we’re partial to the “Goddess,” or what we like to think of as the “grande dame” of salads, a medley of arugula, radicchio, basil, sprouts, basil, dill, hemp seed, sunflower seeds, goji berries, blueberries, cashews, macadamia nuts, coconut oil, onion, Irish moss, spirulina, lemon and sea salt (yes, we get that you’ll need to re-read that a few times). Oh, and their chocolate espresso balls. Always. (*Multiple locations)

Scooped, Never Stirred | Jeni’s Splendid Ice Cream; LA
*Recommended by Jessica de Ruiter
Go ahead, think about the best ice cream you’ve ever had. Now imagine that, but better. This transcendent little scoop of heaven is Jeni’s Splendid Ice Cream. A fav of fellow gal pal Jessica de Ruiter, Jeni’s is a summer mainstay for the whole CP team too– it’s creamy, never icy, plus it’s not overly sweet. Their flavors span the kid-friendly (roasted strawberry, churro and chocolate) to the adult-approved (Intelligentsia espresso, riesling poached pear and ylang ylang-fennel) meaning the whole family will be smitten. And if you’re not lucky enough to live close to a scoop shop, Jeni’s offers online pint delivery across the country. How’s that for nice cream? (MAP IT)


Inside Chelsea's No. 8

Inside Chelsea’s No. 8

Studio 54 Meets 2016  | No. 8; NYC
*Recommended by Baja East
Leave it to Baja East’s Scott Studenberg and John Targon to be “regulars” at their neighborhood’s most exclusive cocktail bar– the Cali-leaning, disco-feeling subterranean lounge that is No.8. Drinks like their Cucumber Press (Ketel One, cucumber, lime and San Pellegrino) are fine, but that’s not why you come here any way… It’s all about the beautiful people-watching and late-night dancing, plus an order of those disco fries.

Sun’s Out, Gin’s Out | Tower Bar; LA
*Recommended by Marielou and Chloe Bartoli
What do Bel Air sisters sip on when not styling [insert major celebrity here]? For the Bartoli girls, that’d be dirty martinis– always at Tower Bar. “The maître-d’, Dimitri is always very welcoming and very kind,” plus their martinis are killer. The cocktail bar, which is a part of The Sunset Tower Hotel, has outdoor seating meaning there’s no better place to sip on an ice-cold martini come happy hour. 

 Freshly Pressed | Beverly Hills Juice Club; LA
*Recommended by Jessica de Ruiter
“It’s the original LA juice bar (it opened in 1975) and it is still the best, hands-down,” de Ruiter spilled when we asked her for a good juice bar rec. “I go to the Hollywood Farmer’s Market every Sunday and I see Dave, the owner, shopping for the produce that goes into his juices!” BHJC‘s menu reflects its freshness, especially in its variety of green juices on offer (a de Ruiter favorite). (MAP IT)


Shakespeare in the Park

Shakespeare in the Park

Play Time | Shakespeare in the Park; NYC
*Recommended by Prabal Gurung
How often do you get to sit outside while being entertained for hours by the likes of major Hollywood talent– and for free, no less? Indeed, Prabal Gurung can’t think of anything better: “Nothing beats Shakespeare in the Park. My all-time favorite moment was when Meryl Streep and Kevin Kline did Romeo and Juliet. I almost died.” This summer, The Taming of the Shrew runs through June 26, then July 19-August 14, it’s Troilus and Cressida at Central Park’s Delacorte Theatre. (MAP ITBOOK IT)

Catch a Show | Hollywood Bowl; LA
*Recommended by Jessica de Ruiter and Marielou and Chloe Bartoli
“We love the old-school stuff like Otis Redding, Bob Seger, Joe Cocker, Michael Jackson…Our all-time favorite venue to see concerts in LA is the Hollywood Bowl,” Marielou and Chloe Bartoli tell us. “It is an outdoor venue so seeing shows on a summer night is the best!” We’d have to agree, as would CP contrib Jessica de Ruiter (who also singled out the venue as her all-time favorite). And, speaking of old school, the Bowl has everyone from Diana Ross to Sting to Weird Al performing next month. 

Inside The Box | Liz Lefrois, Equinox SoHo; NYC
*Recommended by Baja East
 What does Baja boy/babe John Targon do to stay fit? That’d be Powerstrike with Liz Lefrois, the high-intensity kickboxing class she teaches at Equinox SoHo. Given the fact that it’s tank top season and, more importantly, that Targon’s body looks like it was born ready for this time of year (read toned and tight), we’ll be signing ourselves up for a few of said classes ASAP. Bonus, this is the perfect workout for a partner too! (MAP IT) CP


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