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Laurel Pantin

Editorial & Fashion Director, The Coveteur

| East Village

Beautiful, hilarious and a little self-deprecating, Laurel Pantin is one cool fashion girl. After graduating NYU, the Austin, Texas native landed coveted gigs at Teen VOGUE (where she assisted current boss and Lucky Editor-In-Chief, Eva Chen, then-Beauty Editor of the pub) and Glamour before moving over to the market department at Lucky. As of late, she’s the Editorial & Fashion Director of everybody’s favorite closet voyeur, The Coveteur. Describing her most recent style inspiration as “the interior of a 70’s cream convertible with burgundy upholstery” meets “a prairie thing,” Pantin never ceases to be one step ahead of the fashion game. In fact, we love her just as much for her utilitarian jumpsuits and pumped-up kicks as we do her favorite city hangouts. Here, she sits down with CITIPHILE to reveal her little black book on NYC.

NEIGHBORHOOD STANDBY: I love DBGB (*Location now closed). I like to eat at the bar with my boyfriend. I always get the tuna crudo and the chopped salad with chicken. They also have the best ice cream sundaes ever! I also really like Il Buco Alimentari (MAP IT, BOOK IT, x), Café Gitane (MAP IT, x), Emporio (MAP IT, x) and Fonda (MAP IT, x) for Mexican food.

COFFEE OR TEA: I’m not that much of a coffee drinker. It’s so gross, but I prefer Diet Coke for caffeine! I do love the iced coffee at Sant Ambroeus (MAP IT, BOOK IT, x). That’s if I’m trying to sound cool. The reality of it is, I like a gigantic iced coffee from Starbucks with half and half and about ten thousand Sweet N’ Low’s. Oops…

ALL-TIME FAVORITE RESTAURANT: So many! Sant Ambroeus in the West Village is great to eat outside in the summer. It’s super scene-y and cheesy, but if you go early it’s great. I also love Daddy-O (MAP IT, x) for the best bar food ever— their Bloody Mary is killer and on Sundays they have the best homemade meatballs. Il Buco Alimentari is delicious and I just went back to Lupa (MAP IT, BOOK IT, x) the other day and was totally floored. Also, Narcissa (MAP IT, BOOK IT, x) is great and really fun!

GIRLS NIGHT OUT: I like to go to different places! We usually go dancing in Brooklyn. I do love to go to The Call Box Lounge (MAP IT, x) in Brooklyn. It’s the tiniest, weirdest place ever and they always have a great DJ. It’s definitely a hidden gem. Megan O’Neill from Lucky introduced me to it – she really knows how to party.

MUSIC PICK: My music taste is totally questionable. When people say “I like all kinds of music except XYZ”…I like the XYZ! I love Reggaeton and country…anything dance-y. But that’s kind of just for my walk to work or for a night out with my friends. I love to go to shows at the Music Hall of Williamsburg (MAP IT, x), Poisson Rouge (MAP IT, x) and Bowery Ballroom (MAP IT, x). I also really love St. Vitus in Greenpoint (MAP IT, x); I always have the best time there.

COCKTAIL DE LA NUIT: There’s a passion fruit, chili and whiskey drink at Perry St. (MAP IT, BOOK IT, x) that’s unreal. It makes me feel so happy to drink it. I love passion fruit and they toss in a bunch of seeds (if you ask they’ll give you extra), but the sour/spicy/whiskey mix is great. I also really, really love Temple Bar (MAP IT, x). It’s like walking into a weird ship, but at the same time being in Twin Peaks.

HEALTHY STAPLE: Whole Foods chopped salad from upstairs. So boring! But I love the arugula and parmesan salad from Westville (MAP IT, x) with grilled chicken and the heart of palm salad at Café Gitane too.

GUILTY PLEASURE: Pizza!!! I LOVE to order pizza! My boyfriend and I call it “best night ever” and we order a ton of pizza from Lil’ Frankie’s (MAP IT, x) or Motorino (MAP IT, x) and watch stupid movies or SNL on the couch together. It’s heaven. Also, sometimes, my boyfriend and our friend, Michael Lollo and I will go somewhere like Minetta Tavern (MAP IT, BOOK IT, x) and literally order everything that sounds good. Like EVERYTHING! We just totally go HAAM and act like pigs and there’s always a bottle of champagne. It’s so obnoxious, but so fun and crazy. I could eat ten million steaks. I love steaks and pasta and gross boy food. Also I think I’d rather spend money on something like that than on another pair of insane shoes I probably won’t wear. I’ve grown out of my fashion hoarding phase a little bit. Michael happens to be a really great hairdresser and sometimes he gives me a gigantic 90’s Newscaster blowout before dinner which just makes the whole experience that much sillier, weirder and more fun. I look like Hillary Clinton with a blowout.

DATE NIGHT STANDBY: Movie, and then late night dinner at The Dutch (MAP ITBOOK IT, x). I think The Dutch has really great food, and I prefer it super late when it’s not such a scene. I’m generally very anti-scene. One time I went there and they had this Key Lime Pie with sea salt sprinkled on top— heaven.

DELIVERY GO-TO: Motorino because brussel sprout pizza.

NY’S BEST-KEPT SECRET: The SHARK Speedboat (x) from the South Street Seaport. There’s literally nothing more fun in the summer. It’s not very hip, but it’s very, very, VERY fun! Although don’t sit too far back in the boat because you will get splashed. I never needed to know what the East River tastes like, but unfortunately now I do.

REGULAR AT: Equinox SoHo (MAP IT, x). I try and exercise every day because, clearly, I love to eat. I also go to SoHo Strength Lab (MAP IT, x) to train with Albert Matheny every Monday. I go to Whole Foods like once every 45 minutes on the weekend for snacks. I guess we’re also regulars at DBGB. We go there maybe twice a month. Other than that, I generally try and mix it up. I don’t like to go to the same place every single day.

THING I MISS MOST WHEN I’M AWAY: My boyfriend and my friends, and being able to order anything I want, whenever I want!

CLOSET CHECK: Lately my fashion inspiration has been the interior of a 70’s cream convertible with burgundy upholstery. I want everything to just look blonde and disco. But I’m also stuck in a prairie thing. I wear a lot of tan, cream, suede and tons of denim. I shop a lot on Ebay for the random special stuff. I did buy this unbelievable vintage Givenchy kimono coat from the consignment store that was next to Georgetown Cupcakes in SoHo (which I think is now closed). It’s made out of tiny strips of leather woven together like a tatami mat and it has fringe along the bottom. It’s the most gorgeous thing I own probably.

BEST HOST/HOSTESS GIFTS: Michele Varian (MAP IT, x) has really neat stuff. Also, weird little things from The Future Perfect (MAP IT, x). And the last time I was in Dover Street Market (MAP IT, x), I checked out the section of funny little home goods and there was great stuff; I’ll definitely go there next time I need to buy a gift!

BEAUTY BLACK BOOK: Rachel Bodt (x) for color at Cutler in SoHo (MAP IT, x). She’s unbelievable. I have this problem where I’m always screwing around with my hair color myself and no matter what kind of orange mess I get into, she is always, ALWAYS able to fix it and make it look great. I adore her. Maria at Maria Bonita (MAP IT, x) is great for waxes – the whole process takes seventeen seconds, so while it’s not painless, it is over quickly! I also love Top Beauty Spa on 12th Street and 2nd Avenue (MAP IT, x) for manicures and pedicures. It’s definitely a hole-in-the-wall, but I’ve gotten the best pedicures of my entire life there (and I used to be a Beauty Editor so…)

FIT PICK: I love SoHo Strength Lab. My friend Emily Holland (who I do @cool__fun__stuff with on Instagram) and I train with him together on Mondays. I also really like the classes at ModelFit (MAP IT, BOOK IT, x). The name kind of makes me cringe, but the classes are really small and great. I also love Equinox. I’ve been going for forever and I know it’s expensive, but it’s one of those things that I think is really worth it if it makes you go.

ULTIMATE NY MOMENT: One time I was going to an open house on Bond Street, and full disclosure, I had a bad hangover so just felt weird generally. It was one of the craziest apartments I’ve ever seen– weird furniture, weird round windows in random walls, odd colors– it was kind of Beetlejuice-y. Anyways, I was in this nuts place feeling super crazy and out of it and I walked in to the bedroom and Lenny Kravitz was in there, like looking around and nodding approvingly. I was like… I HAVE TO GET OUT OF HERE! Most random person ever to see in the most random apartment ever. CP

 Laurel’s New York

From L to R: First Row: Sunglasses from Dover Street Market; Inside Emporio; Minetta Tavern; Dinner at Narcissa. Second Row: Cheeky signage at The Dutch; Lil’ Frankie’s pizza; Homeware by The Future Perfect; Pantin.


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