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Mary Fellowes


| East Village

Ask Mary Fellowes what she does for a living and you’ll likely walk away reevaluating your own time management skills— or at the very least, praying for some of her seemingly endless energy. A principal name in the world of styling, the ballsy and devilishly humorous Brit has a client list that sends our heads spinning every time we just think about it: Vogue (US, UK, U name it…), Glamour and Tatler on the edit side; Taylor Schilling, Julianne Moore and Lena Dunham for celebrity, and then, of course, there’s all of the ad campaigns, music videos and runways she’s tossed her mad cap into. An art school grad of Central St. Martins, Fellowes learned her first few tricks of the trade assisting visionary stylist Isabella Blow before accepting high-profile gigs at Vogue UK, The Economist (did we mention she’s an accomplished writer too?) and Vogue Turkey. Now a free agent, she spends her days working with the aforementioned big-ticket glossies and celebs, then her free time (how she has any is still unclear…) “singing show tunes” and “playing Scrabble” in Lanvin, head-to-toe. Here, she sits down with CITIPHILE to reveal her little black book on NYC.

NEIGHBORHOOD STANDBY: Lucien on 1st and 1st (MAP IT, x). The roast chicken is like the perfect home-cooked meal and I love that you often cannot tell the staff from the guests. It reminds me of some of my favorite spots in Paris and Milan where the place is an institution in its own right and one always makes new friends [thanks to an] owner who likes to introduce guests to one another. It’s very Old World Europe in that way.

COFFEE OR TEA: Coffee from Jack’s Stir Brew (MAP IT, x) because it’s from their own farm in Vermont and there’s always a mix of characters including writers, artists and the adorable firemen from the station next door in there— that’s what café culture should be!

ALL-TIME FAVORITE RESTAURANT: Minetta Tavern (MAP IT, BOOK IT, x). The burger is insane, as is the truffle baked potato. Keep an eye out for the older, hilarious waiter who loves Savile Row tailoring and has a marvelous selection of funny ties and vests.

COCKTAIL DE LA NUIT: A spicy custom margarita from Hudson Bar and Books (MAP IT, x). I love the smell of cigars, the cozy, velvet chairs and wood panelling. A couple of mini-burgers and a cocktail makes a great evening. The bartenders at Attaboy (MAP IT, x) are also great— hilarious Irish and Australian guys who will mix anything you want and serve it in a pewter tumbler; I love that from the outside, it looks like a run-down tenement building. I have had many a luck in there when I take celebrity clients as it’s very hidden and the staff is entertaining, yet discreet (aka why actors love it).

LADIES LUNCH: I hate ladies lunches— too Sex and The City for my liking. I’d probably go somewhere off-the-beaten-path like Café Loup in Greenwich Village (MAP IT, x) which is usually full of writers and funny characters.

AFTER-WORK HAPPY HOUR: The Carlyle (MAP IT, x) for a late afternoon hot chocolate is more my vibe…

BEST BRUNCH: Again, my apartment. Bringing people together with home-cooked food is less stressful than meeting at the crowded brunch spots. The whole “bottomless mimosa with tables full of loud cougar women” is not my jam!

BEST PEOPLE WATCHING: I love sitting by the water on the Hudson and watching the boats. People coming and going from the ferries reminds me of what New York was built on— people coming to Ellis Island from all corners of the earth to begin new lives.

HEALTHY STAPLE: The Butcher’s Daughter in Nolita (MAP IT, x) for the vegetable linguine with tofu and a cleansing raw juice with jicama, pineapple and cayenne.

GUILTY PLEASURE: Flea markets and vintage stores. I have a huge vintage clothing collection— the characters in those stores are wonderful and so many pieces tell stories that inspire me and take me through the fashion history that I studied.

NY’S BEST-KEPT SECRET: Just buy the book Quiet New York by Siobhan Wall. It has zillions of quiet spots no one really knows about such as specialist libraries and old Quaker residences that are still intact from centuries ago.

FIRST THING I MISS WHEN I’M AWAY: Hearing six languages in one block’s walk, the art house film and the constant, unexpected chance encounters.

REGULAR AT: Three Lives & Company Bookstore in the West Village (MAP IT, x) (the staff there is so well-read and always makes amazing suggestions), Café Minerva (*Location now closed) because I love how tiny and relaxed it is, Bakeri in Williamsburg (MAP IT, x), Gallow Green (MAP IT, x)– the garden up there feels like you are in an oasis miles away; it’s like a mini-vacation for the evening, Kitty’s Canteen in the L.E.S. (MAP IT, x) because it’s always full of adventure and madness, Marie’s Crisis (MAP IT, x) because I love to sing songs from the Sound of Music with friends and the change of scene in there is nice (anti-luxury and anti-trendiness is a healthy thing sometimes), Omar’s in Greenwich Village (MAP ITBOOK IT, x) to play Scrabble or backgammon in a Lanvin dress with a glass of pink champagne– the ultimate decadence, and Curve boutique (MAP IT, x), my favorite downtown stop for Rodarte, Victor and Rolf, etc. Also, always Acne (MAP IT) and NikeLab (MAP IT, x)!

DATE NIGHT STANDBY: Grand Banks (MAP IT, x) in the summer for oysters and pink wine on a boat; the bar at Sant Ambroeus SoHo (MAP ITBOOK IT, x) in the fall; Beauty & Essex (MAP IT, BOOK ITx) in the winter; St. Charles Cellar in Brooklyn (MAP IT, x) in the spring.

DELIVERY GO-TO: My version of delivery is popping into Citarella (MAP IT) or Dean & DeLuca (MAP IT)— I don’t trust what they put in Seamless deliveries!

TO SEE AND BE SEEN: Pier 59 Studios’s café (MAP IT, x) any day for fashion friends; lunch at Fred’s at Barneys (MAP IT, BOOK ITx).

TO ESCAPE AND UNWIND: Aire Ancient Baths and Spa (MAP IT, x) and the Dia Beacon upstate (MAP IT, x).

CLOSET CHECK: I’m never trend-oriented. My style is a mix of high and low and vintage, usually mishmashed together. My look often resembles a floor-drobe thrown together.

ACCESSORIES PICK: I love Venus by Maria Tash (MAP IT, x) for upscale piercings and body adornment.

BEST HOME DÉCOR: My interior style is also a mishmash: a European/downtown NYC mix with high and low again, lots of antiques and vintage with Restoration Hardware [thrown in]. I love ABC Carpet & Home (MAP IT, x).

BEST HOST/HOSTESS GIFTS: ABC Carpet & Home for candles and Live Live & Organic in the East Village (MAP IT, x) for organic beauty treats— the lavender balm sends all of my insomniac friends to sleep.

BEAUTY BLACK BOOK: Tenoverten (MAP IT, BOOK ITx) for manicures and pedicures, and Jill Sealee in FiDi (MAP IT, x) for acupuncture— she is medically-trained and an intuitive genius (917.993.0597).

FIT PICK: Ryan Beck, Katie Yip, Aida Paulau and Lindsay Davis’s classes at Equinox (MAP IT, x). I do a lot of barre burn, pilates and running down the Hudson at sunrise or sunset.

ULTIMATE NY MOMENT: Watching Woody Allen play live jazz at The Carlyle the day after he won the Oscar for Blue Jasmine and chatting to him after he finished his set… CP

Mary’s New York

From L to R: First Row: Inside The Butcher’s Daughter; Tenoverten nails; Acne sunglasses; Pizza from Freds at Barneys. Second Row: Rodarte dress at Curve boutique; Details at Dia Beacon; Bakeri pastries; Jack’s Stir Brew coffee.


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