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Raychel Roberts


| Malibu

There’s an inviting sense of peace that permeates the air as soon as you arrive at Raychel Roberts’ doorstep— maybe it’s the poetic ease of life in Malibu’s Paradise Cove; but, more likely, it’s the model’s own tender heart and larger-than-life spirit. As striking as she is humble, Roberts looks at home when starring in a Free People ad campaign (which she has), and yet, you believe her, without a doubt, when she names a nondescript taco truck a, “happy place.” At home, her beloved surf boards hang alongside her vintage, two-piece wedding dress— a bohemian vision of delicate lace— and her husband, Patrick, and their magical 10 month-old, Max, fill the space with their own spiritual light (as do their two dogs, Chief and Cy, which Roberts rescued from a U.S. Indian reserve). Professionally, Roberts takes after her mother, Esmé Marshall— who, back in the day, graced several covers of Vogue and a Calvin Klein campaign (among others)— though jumping into modeling at age 13, Roberts has indeed carved her own path. Whether she’s on location shooting a glossy editorial or barefoot at home with Max on her hip, you get the sense that she finds the beauty in everything, then makes sure to savor it… is there any key to life better than that? Here, Roberts sits down with CITIPHILE to reveal her own little black book on LA.

NEIGHBORHOOD STANDBY: My favorite neighborhood spot is Geoffrey’s (MAP ITx)! It’s basically next to my house; you get a beautiful ocean view everywhere you sit; it’s unpretentious; the service is great; and, the food is bomb. I get the mushroom soup and a dirty martini at night. If I go for brunch it’s a bottle of prosecco and the tuna tartare!

COFFEE OR TEA: Both! I get my caffeine fix at home— my husband makes me coffee every morning (and as a new mom I don’t think I could live without it). I’ll usually drink a cup of Earl Grey with milk and honey alongside a treat like cookies in the afternoon.

ALL-TIME FAVORITE RESTAURANT: Unfortunately LA has changed so much in the last several years so I don’t have one place I go back to over and over again. Everything Is always changing around these parts and I guess I am too picky in what I need and like. Right now, my favorite restaurant is Forma on Montana (MAP IT, BOOK IT, x). I have to order the kale salad and the steak tartare every time I go (they are a must), but their pastas are great too!

COCKTAIL DE LA NUIT: I don’t discriminate when it comes to alcohol. For me, it depends on the weather, what mood I’m in, where I am, what I’m eating, etc. If I’m on a beach in the Bahamas, I’ll take a mai tai please. If I’m at a bar in NYC, it’s a dirty martini. If I’m at a fancy joint, probably a really nice glass of champagne. And, at a dive bar, Jameson. In Malibu, drinks should be consumed at the beach.

LADIES LUNCH: I do love a ladies lunch! In Malibu, I go to Tra di Noi (MAP IT, x).

MUSIC PICK: My favorite kind of music is old music, ha! I listen to a lot of old and new R&B, a classical, reggae, old country and gangster rap… I listen to everything! Just not much new music. This is a very LA thing, but I love listening to music in my car. I like to blast it and roll the windows down and sing my heart out. I’m not a huge crowds person so you won’t find me out at very many live music events, but I will go listen to a band play at the old Malibu Beach Inn (MAP ITBOOK ITx) or go dancing at SoHo House Malibu (MAP ITx).

BEST PEOPLE WATCHING: LAX. I travel a lot and I do enjoy talking to, listening to and observing all different kinds of folks in transit. Since I was a little girl, I have enjoyed connecting with strangers. Now more than ever, I think it’s important to connect with people outside of your bubble.

HEALTHY STAPLE: The Vitamin Barn (MAP IT, x) for a veggie burger or a smoothie.

GUILTY PLEASURE: My guilty please is ice cream. Malibu has three [spots] and I love them all: Malibu Yogurt (MAP IT, x)— classic!—, Grom (MAP IT, x)—gourmet and delightful— and the newest, Café de la Plage (MAP IT, x)— it’s insane.

LA’S BEST-KEPT SECRET: The taco truck on Rose in Venice.

FIRST THING I MISS WHEN I’M AWAY: The weather and ripe avocados all year long.

DATE NIGHT STANDBY: Our favorite date night is to do a beach picnic/BBQ. My husband is an amazing chef and is so burly and resourceful that he can make gourmet meals with barely anything. I bring the wine and music!

DINNER WITH FRIENDS: Malibu Seafood (MAP IT, x) is great for group dinners or big family dinners. The food is fresh and great, plus it’s BYOB!

TO SEE AND BE SEEN: SoHo House Malibu.

TO ESCAPE AND UNWIND: Anywhere in nature! I like to take a good kayak far out into the ocean.

GO-TO GETAWAY: There so many places to go that’s the beauty of Los Angeles! We love Santa Barbara, Ojai, Lake Arrowhead, but my favorite is probably Big Sur.

CLOSET CHECK: My style is Jenny from Forrest Gump (yes, all her phases) meets Butch Cassidy and The Sundance Kid meets Lauren Hutton meets Joni Mitchell— sorry… My style is all over. I’m a vintage gal through and through. Most of my gems are from flea markets.

QUOTIDIAN KEEPER: Sherman’s Place (MAP IT, x) for pet grooming. They take care of my dogs like they are their own.

BEST HOME DÉCOR: My home is eclectic. Most of my stuff is from a flea market, Craigslist or a vintage shop.

BEST HOST/HOSTESS GIFTS: Flowers or wine! Any old market will do.

FOR KIDS: Burro in Malibu (MAP ITx).

BEAUTY BLACK BOOK: Tanya Skin Care (MAP IT, x)– Tanya is amazing!

FIT PICK: For fitness, I turn to the beach— either a long beach walk, beach volleyball, SUP, kayaking or surfing. I am constantly switching it up.

ULTIMATE LA MOMENT: Because I grew up here, I think I’m jaded— I can walk right by a movie star and not even blink. The only time I’ve ever felt truly “star struck” is when I saw Tom Hanks at our local fair… that was definitely an LA moment. Come on, it’s Tom Hanks! I think I blacked out. Or maybe, it’s when I was asked by an über famous couple to have a threesome with them— that doesn’t happen everyday; I should have done it… Just kidding, of course I did it. No, I didn’t. CP

Raychel’s LA

From L to R: Malibu; Inside Little Beach House; A smoothie from The Vitamin Barn; Homeware from Burro. Second Row: Little Beach House; Pasta at Forma; Geoffrey’s; Ice cream from Café de la Plage. 


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