Photography by William Ross

Roberta Myers

Editor-in-Chief, ELLE

| Upper West Side

You know you’re a fashion power player when you own a certain look— Anna and her bob, Karl and his gloves and Roberta “Robbie” Myers and her undone up-do. The Editor-in-Chief of ELLE for 15 years, Myers’ career trajectory is pretty much as major as you’d think: she entered into the magazine biz by way of Rolling Stone, moving on to work alongside Andy Warhol at Interview and then led the much buzzed-about, now-defunct Mirabella (of former Vogue E-I-C Grace Mirabella) before settling in at ELLE.  Notoriously edgy, urban and sleek, the magazine’s signature aesthetic isn’t far off from Myers’ personal style either; her wardrobe is practically a tour de force in clean lines, minimalism and black-and-white contrasting (but really, is there anything better?). Couple that with a beautiful home on the Upper West Side and a marriage to award-winning architect Frank Michielli and she’s just about as New York as it gets. Here, Myers sits down with CITIPHILE to reveal her little black book on NYC.

COFFEE OR TEA: Coffee at Plowshares on Broadway (MAP IT, x) because it’s ethically sourced, delicious and not expensive.

ALL-TIME FAVORITE RESTAURANT: It’s a tie between Il Cantinori (MAP IT, BOOK IT, x) for any pasta dish and Corner Bistro in the West Village (MAP IT, x) where you have to get the burger.

COCKTAIL DE LA NUIT: A vodka cranberry from The Lobby Lounge inside The Mandarin Oriental (MAP IT,  x).


WHERE TO TAKE OUT-OF-TOWNERS: The MoMA (MAP IT, x), The Met (MAP IT, x), Central Park (MAP IT) and Corner Bistro.

HEALTHY STAPLE: Reviver (*Location now closed) for a tofu salad.

GUILTY PLEASURE: Le Bernardin (MAP IT, BOOK IT, x)— not so guilty, but definitely indulging.

FIRST THING I MISS WHEN I’M AWAY: That it’s still awake after 11 pm.

REGULAR AT: Silver Moon Bakery (MAP IT, x), The Lobby Lounge and Equinox (MAP IT, x).

DATE NIGHT STANDBY: La Boîte En Bois on 68th Street (MAP IT, BOOK IT, x); it’s as close to a real French bistro as I’ve found in NYC.

KID-FRIENDLY STAPLE: Yankee Stadium (MAP IT). We go as often as possible!


CLOSET CHECK: My style is pared-down. I like early Calvin Klein, narrow silhouettes and monochrome. I’m a lover of designer boutiques— Tomas Maier on Madison Avenue (MAP IT, x) has everything you need. If it’s not there, you don’t need it.

BEST HOME DÉCOR: I’d describe my interior style as mid-century modern. I’m not a big home shopper, but we do find great things at estate sales in East Hampton.

BEAUTY BLACK BOOK: Rita Hazan (MAP IT, x) for color— she is amazing. Effy (x) at Blondi’s on Broadway and 105th Street (MAP IT, x) for blowouts!

FIT PICK: Equinox is my favorite gym. SoulCycle is coming to 91st Street which is exciting!

ULTIMATE NY MOMENT: One day, a man who said hello to me at my subway stop every morning followed me out of the subway and walked me all the way across town to my office. I kept asking him if he was a stalker and going to hurt me, but he convinced me to let him walk with me and just talk for a bit. He was very nice and funny— it turned out we knew a lot of the same people. He was a very smart, very cool lawyer and we ended up being great friends for a long time… Only in New York kids! CP

Roberta’s New York

From L to R: First Row: Tomas Maier bag; Breakfast at Silver Moon Bakery; Corner Bistro; Inside The MoMA. Second Row: Plowshares coffee; Seafood plate at Le Bernardin; Tomas Maier womenswear; Burger from Corner Bistro.


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