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While colloquialisms like, “You can take the shirt off my back,” may be a common cry on the radio, Andrew Bird’s body of work isn’t a place where you’ll hear such lyrics. Not one to use clichés either way (the classically-trained, multi-instrumentalist is probably the first to use the words “cephalopod” or “troglobite” in a song), Bird opts instead for thoughtful and meticulously intelligent messages (just listen to TK). In fact, the only thing you’ll learn of Bird’s “shirting” is that its all made by his dancer-turned-designer wife, Katherine Tsina Bird. The Parsons graduate is behind Avion Clothier, a collection of luxe, unisex shirting and made-to-measure basics. Tsina Bird makes classic styles like the oxford, cadet, and cowboy using an old-world, tailoring technique (the work is done almost entirely by hand) meaning each of her designs is individual and limited in quantity– it’s no wonder that Andrew perpetually chooses to rock them (whether he’s performing for thousands at Madison Square Garden or collaborating with a favorite musician as part of his Great Room series at home). Over the years, Bird’s music has been featured in television series like Orange is the New Black, The Young Pope and True Detective, though the greatest tribute to his carefully chosen lyrics and signature violin and guitar-based arrangements lives in the award-winning documentary, “Fever Year” (a chronicle of his own artistry). As the dynamic, husband-and-wife duo seamlessly bridge their creative worlds, we’ve decided to celebrate them with a list of our own Bird favorites. Check ’em all out below.

Andrew Bird: The Hit List

1. Pulaski at Night

2. Three White Horses

3. Imitosis

4. Capsized

5. Far From Any Road

Avion Clothier

As we’ve mentioned, Katherine Tsina Bird is the woman behind Avion Clothier, the men’s and women’s clothing line known for its made-in-New-York closet staples. In lieu of trendy pieces, Tsina Bird offers timeless basics that she updates with modern fits (read: trimmer) and the occasional print. Her minimalist take on the cotton shirt dress is a CP office favorite; as are her unisex oxford button-downs (wearing your boyfriend’s clothing has never been this easy); all of which are available year-round. Below, we’ve rounded up a few of Tsina Bird’s classic shapes in current colors and prints; though, we’d suggest popping by her Atwater Village boutique, where you can personally interact with the designer and clothing (plus, shop other curated treasures from a handful of her own favorite home and children’s lines).

1. Floor Tunic in Navy ($550) 2. Star Gown ($4,900)  3. Porto Dress ($2,900) 4. Oxford Cotton Shirt ($295)


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