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Healthful living starts at home

Though it hardly feels like the dead of winter on the East Coast as of late (in fact, just last week, our team was shooting in colder temps in– wait for it– LA?!?), there are a few signs that tell us new years resolutions are nevertheless in full-swing: 1. signing up for any and all fitness classes seems only to re-activate PTSD from our college application process (ahem, are SoulCycle, Physique57 and NY Pilates the new Ivys?); 2. then once “in,” said fitness classes are so packed that an instructed “half-moon” is near asking for a foot-to-neighbor’s-nose incident; and finally, 3. lengthy juice bar lines practically beg for bouncers whereas, for once, our favorite cocktail dens do not (OK, admittedly, we’ve been taking advantage of that last one). In the spirit of our own resolution though– the practice of self-love in our relationships, at work and at home– we’ve pounded the pavement to curate a list of the best places to achieve total well-being in New York City. From new fitness programs to holistic skincare, our healthful winter regimens (as well as the VIOLET GREY beauty products we’re pairing them with) are featured below… how’s that for beauty from the inside out?

Fit Pick  | High & Low


As we mentioned in our LA wellness guide, 2017 is the year of the total body workout. Average fitness goals have shifted from singular wants like “skinnier arms” to “tight and toned everything” meaning most of us are searching for a workout that leaves us feeling both strong and balanced. Turns out, what we’ve all been waiting for is Box & Flow (MAP IT), NoHo’s new fitness studio that pairs high-intensity boxing with low-impact vinyasa flow for the ultimate challenge in physical-meets-mental fortitude. Classes begin with a HIIT shadowbox warm-up before moving on to bag-based boxing and partner “rumble” rounds; after sufficiently sweating it out, students hit their yoga mats for a cleansing, end-of-class flow. The tiny studio believes that good music is key to any push-you-to-your-limits-workout so, at any time, beats from DMX and Nirvana to Bon Iver and Frank Ocean could be playing.

Hit the Shower


1. Shiffa Basil, Mint & Black Pepper Body Wash ($46) is by-far our favorite wash we’ve come across; the natural, soap-free formula uses basil and rosemary to tone, wild mint and orange to refresh, and black pepper and bergamot to stimulate circulation. Besides making us feel cleansed and fresh, its mix of aloe and lavender eases muscle pain which makes it great for post-workouts, too. 2. Y.S. Park Tortoise Wood Eco-Styler Hair Brush ($260) uses all-natural boar bristles that are heat-resistant to straighten hair; while expensive, it won us over with its ability to smooth without pulling or snarling. 3. T3 Featherweight 2 Hair Dryer ($200) is an anti-static, anti-frizz hair dryer that most of our favorite celebrity stylists swear by (and now, we do too!). 4. Serge Lutens Chergui Eau de Parfum ($150)– we carry this perfectly-balanced, sultry-sweet-smoky scent with us everywhere in the wintertime (it’s notes of tobacco, musk, honey and sandalwood smell cozy and comforting).

Skin Deep | Holistic Healing

Inside True Beauty BK

Inside True Beauty BK

OK, let us get this PSA out of the way: winter is the time to invest in your skin; between the bone-chilling temps outside and the dry heat blaring inside, we’re on the road to perpetual chapping, flaking and breaking out if we don’t take proper care. Now, that being said, owned by holistic esthetician Elizabeth Taylor, True Beauty Brooklyn (MAP IT) is the kind of neighborhood gem that reminds us of why we started CITIPHILE in the first place. Between its unassuming facade and appointment-only hours, the skin spa might be somewhat easy to miss, but take even one step inside and you’ll know you’ve stumbled upon a genuine jewel box. Surrounded by charming antiques and vintage apothecary vessels, Taylor performs her holistic detoxifying facials using house-made herbal and essential oil infusions, various honeys and clays, fruit enzymes and biochemical actives sourced from some of the top biochemists in the world. Facials begin with a customized pre-cleanse followed by a deep-cleanse, exfoliation and light extractions (if necessary), a customized mask and end with MLD (manual lymphatic drainage) to detoxify the face and neck. We don’t know of a more personal or holistic approach to healthy skin, and after visiting ourselves, we’re not sure we’ll ever venture anywhere else…

Smooth it Out


At the moment, there are three things helping us achieve at-home “skin nirvana:” 1. African Botanics Neroli-infused Marula Oil ($120), a wild-harvested, cold-pressed African oil that combats tired eyes and brightens dark spots while hydrating facial skin. 2. ZIIP Nano Current Device ($495), an electronic that prevents and reverses signs of aging, targets the bacteria that causes acne and promotes glowing skin via nano-currents (a process that stimulate the skin’s levels of ATP, a vital enzyme for collagen and elastin production); also aiding in lymphatic drainage and circulation, it’s basically like having a mini-spa at your fingertips. 3. Pai Chamomile & Rosehip Calming Day Cream ($60), our choice for a daytime moisturizer thanks to its allegiance to hyper-sensitive skin.

Calm, Clear, Centered | Reiki


With this idea of total body wellness trending, ancient practices touting mental and emotional zen are rapidly re-emerging. Last year, we saw essential oils pervade beauty boutiques, healing crystals transcend interior décor, and meditation studios and mobile apps pop up all over major cities. Still, while our 2017 goal of “self-love” may tie in perfectly to the latter, we have to admit it can be incredibly hard to jump right into 30 minutes (or more) of full-blown mental stillness– even when our anxiety-ridden selves could seriously benefit from it. If you’re reading this and thinking, “totally,” let us introduce you to what we like to think of as meditation’s gateway: reiki. Reiki is a Japanese treatment in which a healer channels energy through their hands into the body by placing them on different chakra areas in order to eliminate anxiety. Focusing on achieving a positive state of mind, it can be used as an alternative to traditional therapy. Though we have a strong feeling we’ll be seeing reiki-based wellness studios open by the droves this year, Flatiron resident Gianantonio Corna has been a leader in the spiritual art for 15 years. His studio, Reiki Vitae (MAP IT) offers private, 75-minute sessions that work to “calm and center the soul.” No wonder he has a cult following…

Detox Den


1. May Lindstrom The Honey Mud Gentle Cleansing Silk ($80) is a raw honey mask we indulge in weekly as each of its carefully-curated ingredients actively nurtures the skin: white halloysite clay and pure plant oils work to remove pollutants and debris; antioxidant-packed honey imparts antimicrobial and anti-aging benefits; clay absorbs toxins and impurities and gently clears pores; and colloidal silver soothes and heals. 2. Rodin Candle ($125) gives off a delicate scent of jasmine and neroli intended to, “promote well-being.” 3. African Botanics Marula Botanical Body Cream ($85), a decadent, “treat-yourself” body cream that relies on a unique, natural blend of antioxidants, vitamins, nutrients, and essential fatty acids to deeply nourish and heal (for example, it includes Kalahari melon seed and omega-rich baobab oil because each’s antioxidants effectively help to boost elasticity and tighten).

Health-to-Table | ABC Kitchen, But Better


Given that Flatiron’s ABC Kitchen is still the most recommended restaurant on CITIPHILE to date, we’ve been waiting for the spot’s original chef to open his first solo project ever since, well, he left the aforementioned Kitchen. Finally, after over two years in the making, Chef Dan Kluger’s Loring Place (MAP IT) is open in Greenwich Village; and thanks to a recent evening visit, we dare say it’s even better than the cooking at his former gig. With a farm-to-table, albeit inventive approach, Kluger’s debut menu features healthful spins on comfort foods like butternut squash “fries,” plus in-season plates like roasted beets with quinoa granola, wood-grilled broccoli with kohlrabi, pistachio and mint, and serious crudité served alongside a carrot-ginger purée. Kluger asked One Kings Lane to design the space which is outfitted with brass accents and Tom Dixon lighting… we’re not sure eating “well” has ever looked so sexy.

Inner-Outer Glow


Nourishing our bodies from the inside out, 1. Jenu Ultrasonic Infuser ($249) is a nifty little tool that recently made its way to our offices; using ultrasound energy to painlessly push products deeper into your skin, it increases your skin’s absorption by 3.7x meaning all of those expensive products you’re already using to combat deep wrinkles, redness, brown spots and/or dryness might actually have a chance at working… 2. African Botanics Marula Buchu Botanical Enzyme Polish ($75), an all-time favorite exfoliator that combines fruit enzymes with fine granules of volcanic minerals and African buchu and baobab to buff away dull skin and minimize pores without irritation; plus, its all-organic, detoxifying formula of papaya and pineapple, green rooibos tea, aloe, bergamot and rose geranium sounds almost good enough to eat. 3. Révive Lip Perioral Renewal Serum ($115) is another neat tool using a hydrating serum to target vertical lines around the lips and prevent lipstick bleeding.  CP


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